A New Community-Based Sustainable Seed Marketplace

Since 2011, FarmsReach has been working with nonprofit, academic, and farmer partners to identify how we may best contribute to improving the quantity and quality of non-GMO, untreated seed purchased by production farmers.

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After a few years’ research and input from farmers, seed dealers and seed breeders, we were excited to “unveil” the Sustainable Seed Marketplace pilot at this year’s Organic Seed Alliance conference, and we now invite your feedback.

We welcome comments and feature requests from seed breeders, growers, dealers, and farmers across the country to guide the completion of this new, community-based marketplace.

We’ll be hosting a series of webinars, where we’ll walk through the platform and invite questions and comments:

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There are many obstacles and inefficiencies in the sustainable seed supply chain, which span the entire vertical – from breeders to growers to dealers to end-buyers.

We are aware there have been several attempts to develop such a tool in the past, which is why we have taken the approach of engaging those who are much more experienced working with, developing, selling and purchasing seed to guide our software development.

Below is a brief overview of the new platform:

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Top image courtesy of Organic Seed Alliance.