Thomas Aaron Dinwoodie  |  Feral Heart Farm  |  Sunol, CA

Subject: in search of 2" aluminum irrigation pipe with risers and connectors

Any leads on 2" aluminum pipe with connectors and risers with sprinklers? I know 3" is the more common size. Does anyone have a better solution to pre-irrigating for weed flush or early fall tillage? Would lay flat with risers and cam lock fittings work with some sort of staking?

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  |  Camp Grant Family Farm  |  Redcrest , CA commented

That would be E2809CRain for RentE2809D maybe still in Woodland. 
03/15/18 7:02 AM
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  |  verdi land  |  pacifca, CA commented

Thomas; I cannot remember their name, but out in the valley there are 2 companies that 'rent' or 'lease; irrigation pipes and one of them leases with the intent to purchase. Just put {lease/rent aluminum piping cal) in your browser. I hope that helps you.

03/14/18 10:52 PM
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  |  Ananda Valley Farm  |  Half Moon Bay, CA commented

Hi, Where is your farm located? Joy, ken
03/14/18 9:37 PM
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  |  Paul's Produce  |  Sonoma, CA commented

Some other thoughts on preirrigating...How large of area are you talking about? Off the shelf pvc works fine if the runs are not too long and you can deal with the fact that it’s not easily moved off the field. I use some PVC on my farm with most runs under 300’. The beauty is that it’s instantly on because the pipes stay full of water and there’s no wet spots from the pipes’ discharge after the cycle. With 3” aluminum those wet areas are twice as much as 2” aluminum would leave. I use 2’ X 30’aluminum throughout the farm on crops where I know I’ll Want to move or remove at some point for cultivation or any other reason. I bought 40’ “droplock” and cut it down to 30’. I love it and at 30’ I don’t think it’s to bendy. 40‘ X 2” is hard to handle. Too address the tipping over, I screw a small bock of wood to the base making it about 8” wide. It dosen’t stack as

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03/14/18 9:10 PM
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  |  Shooting Star Organic Farm  |  Fairfield, CA commented

Hey Aaron, I have some 2" aluminum pipe to sell. If I remember correctly some of the sprinklers are on risers and some aren't, and I need to check how much we have. Email me at

03/11/18 9:58 AM
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  |  Terra Firma Farm  |  Winters, CA commented

2" pipe is not widely used because it's a PITA. It doesn't have enough width to support risers, so you have to stake every few risers with a wood or metal stake to keep it from falling over. It's also extremely bend-y, so it is actually more difficult to move around than 3" pipe even though it's lighter.

I have never seen anyone use layflat with sprinkler risers, but you would have a similar problem. Three inch pipe has nice wide bases on the female end that keep it level and keep the risers upright.

03/10/18 9:14 AM

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