Margaret Lloyd  |  University of California Cooperative Extension  |  Woodland, CA

Subject: Understanding Nitrogen in Organic Tomato Production

Dear Farmers, knowing whether the plants have enough nitrogen at each growth stage can be very challenging because multiple amendments are often added to grow organic, fresh market tomatoes, such as compost + sea bird guano + liquid fertilizers. A small research team at the University of California are undertaking a study to demystify this information. Through this research, we will determine the nitrogen demand in tomatoes and how much nitrogen is made available by each amendment, for each week over the season. We would love to know what amendments you are using so that we can include them in our study.

Organic Tomato Nitrogen Study

Please help us make this research most relevant for you by completing the survey. Results from this research will be made publicly available. Thank you so much! Margaret

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04/07/17, updated