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Subject: Tilling Wood Chips into Vegetable Beds

Our farm received a grant from the California Healthy Soil Initiative.

We are trialing tilling wood chips into vegetable beds.

Our 1st year trials and results can be seen on this video:

We've gotten some interesting results, which are summarized at 20:00 minutes into the video.

Overall it worked quite well and nitrogen tie-up wasn't a problem overall.

We even tilled in fresh Eucalyptus to see the effect. 1-2" was fine, no negative effects. 5" was a problem. But 5" of aged Eucalpytus mulch tilled in helped plant growth.

As part of our grant we must do outreach, so there will be a field tour on 10/20, Saturday from 11am to noon.

Please rsvp at

Also if you leave a comment here with your farm name we can count that against our required outreach.


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