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Subject: It's almost fly time! Spring is ramping up and the first flies are appearing. We have chickens, pig

It's almost fly time! Spring is ramping up and the first flies are appearing. We have chickens, pigs, and cows. Anyone have some effective and non-toxic/low-toxic solutions for fly abatement? Thanks for any tips!

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05/30/13, updated
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  |  Rincon-Vitova Insectaries  |  Ventura, CA commented

We at Rincon-Vitova Insectaries grow 3 species of fly parasite wasps for a mixture that works in most situations. In addition we sell the Sagebrush traps made by David Olkowski from small hanging traps to ones that sit on a 5 gallon bucket and one that sits on a 55 gallon drum. Molasses diluted 1:3 with water makes a great fly bait that smells pleasant for about 2 weeks then begins to stink. We also carry balEnce fly spray that is NOP organic, so we can offer a complete organic/biological fly control program. balEnce contains a strain of Beauvaria bassicana, an insect eating fungus, that kills flies but does not harm fly parasites. For biting flies we produce the NZI trap that is a visual target for tabanid flies like horse and deer flies that irritate cattle and humans. We set up scheduled shipments so farmers can stay on top of fly problems so they can keep flies suppressed, a comfortable place to be.

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04/11/18 11:04 PM
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  |  P.J. Dunn Working Redworms  |  Galt, CA commented

OK... If you are using redworms to compost your manures (under rabbit cages is super effective) you will reduce smells and flys. Really!!! Thanks from Michael at PJ's Worm Farm. NO JOKE, I go through several hundred yards of dairy manure on our 2 acre property and have no fly issue.

04/11/18 6:48 PM
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  |  Self  |  San Francisco, CA commented

04/11/18 6:21 PM
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  |    |   commented

Fly parasites and Peaceful Valley Farm Supply fly trap/bait
04/11/18 8:45 AM
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  |  TTOL  |  Florida, FL commented

Well, try to check at the

And as for me the best solution is Fly Web Fly Trap

04/11/18 1:12 AM
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  |  Full Belly Farm  |  Guinda, CA commented

Another source of fly control products is Rincon Vitova ( They have a full line of traps. I've used the ones from Peaceful Valley as well as the Sagebrush trap that Rincon Vitova sells, and have come to prefer the sturdy, larger, metal Sagebrush trap. In addition to the traps, we release parasites.
06/02/13 6:34 PM
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  |  Pesticide And GMO Activist/ Entomologist  |  Cincinnati, OH commented

There is some good information on farm fly control from Cornell University: IPM Guide for Organic Dairies: Stephen Nichols  
05/30/13 6:54 PM
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  |  Johnny's Selected Seeds/Rinky Dink Ranch  |  Rumsey, CA commented

We usually buy the screen cube fly traps and bait from Peaceful Valley Farm Supply and they work reasonably well. Keep the bait refreshed for best results. Brian Boyce  
05/30/13 9:49 AM

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