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Subject: Social Media, Online Booking & Websites: Webinar archive, presentation slides & Q&A over

Below are links to access all the meaty info from the second webinar in the Agritourism Conversations Series: The Invitation: Social Media, Online Booking & Websites. (Great info for any farm!) -- presentation slides, webinar recording and summary of what was covered in the Q&A. In the next few days, we'll be posting some of the open questions and answers from the session, and we welcome your other questions or tips in the CA Agritourism group as well!

Here's a summary of what was covered in the Q&A section as well, if you want to jump to the spot in the recording above:

  • 43:55 - Metrics about the benefits of upgrading Suzie's Farm website to be a mobile-responsive site.
  • 45:10 - Applicability of Snapshot (not Snapchat!) for agritourism, or not?
  • 45:45 - Recommendations on promotions for a new farm with agritourism.
  • 48:10 - How frequently to schedule posts to your Facebook account to maximize reach with minimal effort and cost.
  • 49:45 - Successful types of Facebook or Instagram posts.
  • 51:35 - Why use one of the free website-builder programs instead of investing in a professional website.
  • 53:10 - Meaning of being “suggestive" versus “repetitive" on social media?
  • 55:25 - Tips for setting up your online booking features. How far in advance to accept reservations. Information gathered from people when they book. Handling cancellations. (We ran out of time, so Lauren will be posting more about this in the CA Agritourism group soon!)

We hope to see you at our next webinar in the series on Thursday, June 16th at 11am PT - The Rules: Navigating and Negotiating Permits and Regulations. (Register here.) For more information, check out the CA Agritourism group.

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