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Subject: Reaching customers outside of market stall, promoting U-Picks, blog/website examples

A few more community questions to be answered by our recent webinar presenters, or anyone who has tips to share!

1) I already go to farmers markets and have a pretty good customer base there. What other ways can I reach more people? At the farmers market, aside from literature? Or other places?

2) What are some good ways to promote a U-Pick, aside from at our farmers market stall?
3) Can you give a few examples of engaging blogs and examples of a good Facebook page? I need a role model example!

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05/24/16, updated
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  |  Farrell Design Group  |  Chico, CA commented

Re: #1 about reaching people....

Ask your customers to refer you. When you have a satisfied customer, ask them if they would spread the word. Sometimes if you don't ask, people will forget to tell others.
You can also offer a coupon for a friend. "Give this coupon to a friend".
Ask people to take a picture with you at the farmers market holding your product in their hand and post it to their facebook page and have them tag your farm. You could give them 10% more free or offer up something that does not break the bank. Post that same picture to your wall and tag them and say something like " We sure love our customers".
Ask your followers to share your facebook posts on their wall. You can post really great pictures, recipes, funny things happening on the farm etc.

Re: #2 about promoting U-Picks...

Similar answer to the Farmers Market - when people are picking, ask them to
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05/25/16 11:14 AM
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  |  SMG Consulting  |  Fairfield, CA commented

What are the best examples of way finding infrastructure to guide folks to farmstand direct sales?

05/25/16 10:00 AM

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