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Subject: Pricing on Chilhuacle Negro peppers

Any farmers out there have a fair price point, or even any price point, for the rare Chilhuacle Negro pepper? It's not grown much outside of one valley in Oaxaca, and is in decline commercially. This chili is the cornerstone of authentic Oaxacan mole negro. I was tasked with the challenge of growing it locally in the Sacramento area by a chef I supply with niche ingredients. Since it is so rare, I can't find any good market research for pricing. Hoping someone out there might have some extra little bits of info to help round out my research. (fyi, online {not local or organic}, the dried chilis go for $40 per 8 oz)

Thanks so much!

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  |  Feral Heart Farm  |  Sunol, CA commented

We grew chilhuacle negro this year. What a nice pepper! Where did you get seed?

12/01/17 9:48 AM
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  |  Greensward / New Natives LLC  |  Aptos, CA commented


I was just talking to a friend about his life growing up in Oaxaca. National Geographic Travel (an insidious rag of a magazine generally) has a genuinely good article on Oaxaca textiles in the last issue.

Pricing: charge what you have to charge. There is a good sized Oaxaca community in the Gilroy, Salinas area, somebody there is probably growing it. Don't use their pricing. You are providing a very special service to the Chef.

We take Chefs with a grain of salt (pun intended) cause they change their menus all the time, and move to other restaurants. Having said that, some of them are great, loyal, and get what it takes to get fresh food to their door.

Good luck


12/01/17 8:00 AM
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  |  Lockewood Acres  |  Vacaville, CA commented

Hey this is Ben down in Vacaville. Have not seen you in awhile. Cant help you with the pricing on peppers, but DAMN! I see in your picture you have a big pig. I am looking for a pure bred Berkshire to cross with my Mangalitsa. Do you know of anyone selling some boars? thanks

12/01/17 7:28 AM

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