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Subject: Preferred Invoicing Systems

I'm curious what programs people are using for invoicing in particular and record-keeping in general. I've been using a simple excel sheet I set up for many years, but I'm ready to upgrade to something that will hopefully make the process more stream-lined. I'm thinking of Quickbooks. Also thinking of Square cause we already have an account (we use a square register in our farm strore) and they do have an invoicing system but not sure how good it is. Just curious what's most popular and most liked among farmers. Thanks.

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  |  Green Star Farm  |  Sebastopol, CA commented

I use Xero online accounting, it is extremely versatile, very user friendly and a good price. I used to use Quickbooks, found it cumbersome... I have never looked back. I have it fully integrated with all of my inventory software, mobile credit card services, paypal, and POS systems, it works flawlessly. (also easily integrated with payroll)Good luck!SarahC2A0Green Star Farmhttp://GreenStarFarm.com707-861-0060
07/14/17 4:35 PM
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  |  Greensward / New Natives LLC  |  Aptos, CA commented

We've used QuickBooks on a Mac desktop for over 20 years. It's fine and stable. We invoice a lot, and run an accounts receivable. Helpful to understand accrual vs. cash accounting. We also use Quick Books online for another business. It's fine also, but the cloud part makes me uncomfortable.

On the desk top you have to keep up with newer versions every 2-3 years and then that requires a newer operating system, which might mean a new machine. What a racket!

Online/cloud all you need is a decent browser.

07/14/17 8:46 AM
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  |  Classic Organic Farm  |  Gaviota, CA commented

I used MYOB (mind your own busines) by First Edge.

07/14/17 12:04 AM

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