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Subject: Open questions from the last webinar: Social Media, Online Booking & Website Success

Below are the questions from the last webinar that we didn't have time to answer during the hour. The presenters will be answering these shortly! You can also access the webinar recording, powerpoint presentations and Q&A questions from the session here.

For Lauren:
  • Do you have a Major Use Permit? And what other permits do you use?
  • What kind of impact has your agritourism programs had on your overall revenue?
  • Do you have any tips for setting up your online booking features? How far in advance do you make reservations available? What kind of information do you gather from people when they book? How do you handle cancellations? (We covered this a bit in the call, but ran out of time!)
For Kristin:
  • Can you talk a bit more about how you would prioritize which social media channels to focus on, especially if we don't have time to do all the ones you covered?
For either or both of you:
  • What kind of challenges may there be due to having a strong Internet presence? Social media fails?
  • How do you manage negative reviews or comments?
  • How do you know what content will gain traction or trigger reactions?
  • Can you recommend inexpensive ways to get help with branding and marketing?
  • How often should you change your Primary FB picture at the top?

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  |  SMG Consulting  |  Fairfield, CA commented

Thanks for the insight, in other situations we have seen good (pro bono) promotion driven by CVB integration in web and print materials as those communities seek additional tourism demand generation. I understand what you expressed, see that entity needing to better understand the current interest levels in the public.

06/10/16 5:41 PM
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  |  Suzie's Farm  |  San Diego, CA commented

Thanks for the question, Roger. We did join the San Diego Tourism Authority two years ago and found that it was not beneficial to us as a smaller operation. Mostly they offered paid promotional opportunities and lots of networking events that weren't aimed at our type of organization (mostly focused on hotels). Out of town visitors find out about us just fine through Google searches and via web listings like TripAdvisor (though we still need to claim our page!). This is just our personal experience, it is different for everyone so I encourage all operators to make their own choices!

06/10/16 2:51 PM
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  |  SMG Consulting  |  Fairfield, CA commented

Have you attempted to get your reservations booking link entered into San Diego County CVB tourism web site, leveraging the out of town visitor?

06/10/16 2:31 PM
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  |  Suzie's Farm  |  San Diego, CA commented

Great questions! My answers are below...
Do you have a Major Use Permit? And what other permits do you use?

We lease the land where we farm from the San Diego County Parks and Recreation Department, who encourages our use of the space for events and other activities for the public. Thus we ourselves do not have a Major Use Permit as hosting events on the farm is part of our leasing agreement with the County. Depending on the event, we do obtain Temporary Food Facility permits with the Department of Environmental Health and apply for alcoholic beverage licenses for certain events as well.

What kind of impact has your Agritourism programs had on your overall revenue?

Our Agritourism programs have kept our farm afloat in many ways. Over the past few years we have experienced significant crop failures due to myriad reasons. Being able to generate a revenue from activities NOT dependent on the

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06/10/16 2:03 PM, updated

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