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Subject: Los Angeles Chef-Restaurateur Seeking Farm Collaboration

We are a team of creative restaurateurs opening a new project in mid city Los Angeles this Spring 2018. Our goal is to collaborate with a farm in a unique and dynamic way, outside of the typical provider/ buyer relationship.

This collaboration can be achieved in a variety of ways, ultimately providing stability for both the restaurant and the farm via the following:

  • The restaurant will have access to a consistent and original source of quality vegetables, fruits, flowers and honey.
  • Planting schedules and menu development will coincide, allowing the teams to develop creative applications for all materials throughout their lifecycle.
  • The farmer will have access to a predictable and stable source of revenue, providing security for planning and investment.

Our team is sensitive not only to the variety and the quality of the produce, but also to the methodology with which it has been produced. Are we able to farm while reducing GHG emission? Are low impact and sustainable practices such as composting, cover crop utilization, integrated pest management, conservation cover, low/no till practices, bee keeping and agroforestry practices able to be implemented where possible?

Interested? How can we get there together?

Please contact us at Thank you.

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  |  Apple of the Tropics  |  San Diego, CA commented

Hi Eric;This a really great idea.  I am in San Diego and I have worked with Sprouts in the past at the Sprouts in La Mesa, San Diego.I am a Facebook friend with Erin Tice.  Rick 20
01/11/18 9:39 AM

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