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Subject: Agritourism: Powerful Promotions Through Partners - webinar archive & slides

Hi! Below are links to the recording & presentation slides of the 4th webinar in the Agritourism Conversations Series: The Community: Powerful Promotions Through Partners. We welcome your other questions or tips in the CA Agritourism group as well!

Below is a summary of the questions from the Q&A section of the webinar if you want to jump to that spot in the recording:

  • 45:00 - (A bit of echo in the beginning) Which of the many partners covered in the presentations are most important to focus on to start, if you only have time to focus on a few?
  • 46:02 - Where/how can you contact small group tour operators?
  • 47:00 - What are three things an ag business can do to work with their local Destination Marketing Organization (DMO)?
  • 48:10 - How can the Farm Bureau help?
  • 49:03 - What do tour operators look for when deciding which farms to visit
  • 50:40 - Side question re: temperature differentials between coast and inland.
  • 52:16 - Can we pitch a story to our DMO to have a travel writer write about us?
  • 53:45 - URL?
  • 54:12 - Final comments from Tiffany Dozier re: being available & responsive to your local DMOs to get the most exposure.
  • 55:19 - Final comments from Evan Oakes re: having a solid website that’s continually updated and current, and to definitely develop partnerships with DMOs in your area.

We hope to see you at our next webinar in the series on Thursday, July 14th at 11am PT: The Delivery: Five-Star Customer Experience -- Presenters: Scottie Jones, Farm Stay US, and Meghan Bishop, Bishop's Pumpkin Farm. For more information, check out the CA Agritourism group.

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