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Subject: Agritourism: Negotiating permits & regulations archive, presentation slides and Q&A overview

Below are links to access all the useful info from the third webinar in the Agritourism Conversations Series: The Rules: Negotiating Permits & Regulations -- presentation slides, webinar recordings and a summary of the Q&A. We welcome your other questions or tips in the CA Agritourism group as well!

Below is a summary of what was covered in the Q&A section, if you want to jump to the spot in the second video recording above:

  • 21:42 - Current challenges trying to make complicated code simple for diverse audiences.
  • 24:28 - Can a kitchen in a barn be used to serve food to guests.
  • 25:48 - Finding out what zone your property is listed in.
  • 26:07 - Doing activities not listed in your parcel’s zone.
  • We also posted additional questions we didn't get to during the session here.

We hope to see you at our next webinar in the series on Thursday, June 30th at 11am PT - The Community: Powerful Promotions through Partners! (Register here.) For more information, check out the CA Agritourism group.

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06/21/16, updated