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Subject: UC Davis research opportunity for those that raise pigs and/or have feral pigs nearby

We are currently enrolling participants for a study to learn about foodborne diseases harbored in domestic pigs raised outdoors and nearby feral pig populations in California.

I am a former small-scale farmer who has worked at various farms in Capay Valley and also rented land to grow flowers and vegetables with my husband. I am currently a PhD candidate at UC Davis and my dissertation focuses on small-scale diversified farms because of my background as an organic farmer. My advisor is Dr. Alda Pires, who is an UC ANR extension specialist and she works with small-scale farmers and backyard producers in California.

During this study (conducted from March through June, 2018), we will collect domestic pig feces from farms that raise swine outdoors and test the samples for Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC) and Hepatitis E virus (HEV). We will also collect feral pig fecal samples from the same county and these will be tested for STEC and HEV too.

Minimal time is required by you and no record keeping is necessary. We will only visit your farm once to collect samples and a second time to conduct a short questionnaire. Your name and location will be kept confidential. Data will be written in aggregate and no identifying information about your individual farm will be presented. Results of the samples from your pigs will be provided to you for free and you will receive a $20 Visa gift card at the end of the study.

The attached flyer describes this research project. If you are interested, please email me with any questions.

We are hoping our study provides insights into foodborne diseases harbored in both feral pigs and outdoor-raised pigs. The results of this study will help UC ANR extension develop outreach materials for those that raise pigs outdoors, especially near feral pig habitat.

If interested, please let me know and we can schedule a sampling visit with you at your convenience.

Thank you for your time,

Laura Patterson

PS: Feel free to contact Dr. Alda Pires, lead UC Davis researcher on this project or 530-754-9855


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