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Subject: Farmer looking ?? Does anybody know where can buy...

Farmer looking ??

Does anybody know where can buy large volumes of chicks and Pullets cheap or a hatcheries for chicks in California around Sacramento or the Central Valley

Or by Petaluma ???? Any Help would be grateful !!!


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  |  Pozo Organic Farm  |  Santa Margarita, CA commented

I applaud your reasoning for buying baby chicks from a nearby hatchery instead of having them sent through the mail.

There is a reason chicks are CHEAP from many of the hatcheries! Hatcheries work with birds in extremely large numbers, thereby reducing the cost of each chick. Their animal welfare is not always the best. Please consider contacting someone from the Sustainable Poultry Network ( to purchase birds that can reproduce naturally and live a healthy, humanly hatched beginning to life!

Thank you,
Dana Tryde
Certified Flock #17, Sustainable Poultry Network
02/13/14 3:42 PM
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  |  FarmsReach  |  Berkeley, CA commented

Hi Joe -

Thanks for your question.

Brian Boyce of Riverdog Farm recommended Vega Farms, outside of Davis: - they might not be cheap, depending if you want layers or broilers. Brian says many farmers in the Davis/Sacramento area buy their chicks from PA.

Other options are:
Belt Hatchery in Fresno: in Rancho Cucamonga, CA:

I've also contacted folks at the Sustainable Poultry Network for any leads. I'll let you know soon.

Anyone else have referrals?
02/13/14 3:15 PM

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