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Joe Jorge  |  JMJ Farms   |  Elk Grove , CA

Subject: Farmer looking ?? Does anybody know where can buy...

Farmer looking ??

Does anybody know where can buy large volumes of chicks and Pullets cheap or a hatcheries for chicks in California around Sacramento or the Central Valley

Or by Petaluma ???? Any Help would be grateful !!!


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02/11/14, updated

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  |  Pozo Organic Farm  |  Santa Margarita, CA commented

I applaud your reasoning for buying baby chicks from a nearby hatchery instead of having them sent through the mail.

There is a reason chicks are CHEAP from many of the hatcheries! Hatcheries work with birds in extremely large numbers, thereby reducing the cost of each chick. Their animal welfare is not always the best. Please consider contacting someone from the Sustainable Poultry Network ( to purchase birds that can reproduce naturally and live a healthy, humanly hatched beginning to life!

Thank you,
Dana Tryde
Certified Flock #17, Sustainable Poultry Network
02/13/14 3:42 PM

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Laura Patterson  |  UC Davis  |  Davis, CA


We are looking for California certified organic growers to participate in a multi-regional study to assess current management practices affecting soil health and the survival of pathogens, related to adding raw/aged/untreated manure to crop production fields.

The goal of our study is to provide organic farmers with science-based effective strategies that limit food safety risks when using raw manure based soil amendments.

University of California-Davis researchers will visit enrolled farms 8 times per growing season (in 2017 & 2018). We will collect water, produce, soil and manure samples. All samples will be tested for bacterial indicators such as nonpathogenic E. coli & pathogens. Farmers will be asked to complete a short survey. The study is voluntary and all locations and names will be kept confidential.

How you can participate:

We are looking to enroll farms that fit these criteria:... Read More

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  |  P.J. Dunn Working Redworms  |  Galt, CA commented

Sounds like a very important study for pastured land producing crops for human consumption. I like to remind farmers if they do have access to large quantities of raw manures and spread them on their fields that processing through the gut of the composting worm adds incredible benefit to the finished product. Getting started is easy if you want to know more you can contact Michael Dunn at PJ Dunn Working Red Worms in Galt

01/16/17 12:08 PM

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Laura Patterson  |  UC Davis  |  Davis, CA

Subject: Farmer participation request for UC Davis study

We are seeking volunteers for a study accessing the dynamics of foodborne pathogens (i.e. Campylobacter spp.) in integrated mixed crop-livestock systems involving multiple livestock species. The use of livestock to graze vegetable, fruit or nut production fields has increased in recent years in California. The results of this project will develop scale-sized management practice recommendations to reduce foodborne pathogen risk for mixed crop-livestock farms producing fresh produce or nuts.

How You Can Participate:

Researchers at the University of California Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture Natural Resources Cooperative Extension are looking to enroll farmers that fit these criteria:

  • Farm in Yolo, Solano, Sacramento, Sonoma, or Marin counties
  • Integrate livestock grazing and crop production or integrate livestock grazing in orchards (fruit or nuts)
  • Small to medium-sized farms
  • Raise
... Read More

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Sarah Lopez  |  Fiesta Farm  |  Watsonville, CA

Subject: Livestock Work/Apprentice Opportunity

Hi folks,

We have an ad up in the FarmsReach Classifieds section for a livestock worker or apprentice for the 2017 season. Not sure if it's allowable to post employment ad details here in the Conversations section, so please see Classifieds for details. Our website and contact info is at

- Sarah.

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Kaley Grimland  |  Sol Seeker Farm  |  Prunedale, CA

Subject: Turkey Slaughter and value added processing for poultry

Hi all,

I have a couple of questions regarding processing and value added:
1)Where do people take turkeys to get processed? I just called New American Poultry, but they don't do turkeys.

2) We are wanting to do value added for our turkey and chicken and maybe duck?? (Ground turkey, ground chicken, and sausages among other value-added poultry items.) What is the process for that? I know it is a USDA slaughter required, but then where do we do the value-added part? Is this something that slaughter house can do to?
3) If not, Can we do value added ourselves as long as it is a USDA slaughter and value added in a commercial kitchen?


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  |  Sol Seeker Farm  |  Prunedale, CA commented

Thanks! Yes, we do mostly on farm processing but also strive to comply with regulation as much as possible. I agree it's frustrating to try to raise and slaughter humanely uet be forced to tranpsot live birds hours away to comply with regulation. . We have a few hundred chickens we hoped to do some value added products with to give our customers something different. We sell mainly at farmers markets but do have small CSA. Maybe we could just market it that way. I realize the cost, but most of our customers would be willing to pay. I have never heard of Roundmand so will try them out.

11/29/16 9:15 PM, updated

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Mark Pasternak  |  Devils Gulch Ranch  |  Nicasio, CA

Subject: On farm slaughter


For any of you so inclined to help support some new changes to the Marin
County Zoning Code which would allow for on farm slaughter, mobile
slaughter facilities and brick and mortar facilities, there will be a
hearing before the Marin County Planning Commission on Monday November 28,
at 1:00pm. See below for more info from an email sent by the Marin County
Ag Ombudsman, Vince Trotter <> 415.524.7394.

If you cannot attend, or even if you do plan to attend, please consider
writing a letter to the Marin County Planning Commission in support so as
many favorable voices as possible can be heard. (planningcommission@ Unfortunately we anticipate a fair bit of resistance from
NIMBY's and folks opposed to anyone eating meat.

Thanks you very much,
Mark and Myriam Pasternak

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  |  New Growth Farm  |  Castro Valley, CA commented

Thanks Amy. I'll call Bud's. But I am in Alameda County and I am afraid we might be too far for them to come out. If anyone has more contacts, please post. Thanks!

11/28/16 9:14 AM

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Stephen Goldblatt Clark  |  SoMar Farms  |  Petaluma, CA

Subject: Shaklees

Does anyone know where I can buy Shaklees basic-h?

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  |  Sis-Q Ranch  |  Fort Jones, CA commented

Google their company and you can order directly from their warehouse!From: FarmsReach <>Reply-To: < /span> FarmsReach <postbyemai>Date: Wed , 9 Nov 2016 15:57:23 +0000To: To m & Jan Ball <sisqranch@sisqte>Subject: ADV: New Po st: ShakleesStephen Goldblatt Clark | SoMar Farms | Petaluma, CA p osted ~Does anyone know where I can buy Shaklees basic-h? Read More or Comment Posted to: General FarmsReach communityTopics: LivestockTO REPLY OR COMMENT, view post in FarmsR each or reply to this email message. Forgot your FarmsReach password? Get instructions on how to reset i http://t.You can also unsubscribe from these emails. To update which emails to receive, log in and change your settings. Follow us on Facebook | TwitterXxXx11592YyYy4YyYy2678ZzZz
11/09/16 2:35 PM

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Alda Pires  |   Cooperative Extension UC Davis  |  Davis, CA

Subject: Small –Scale Livestock Producers Workshop - Modesto, November 5, 2016

Small –Scale Livestock Producers Workshop


~Hear from experts with UC Cooperative Extension, UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, and Lander Vet Clinic.

~Learn best practices for animal health and husbandry, antibiotic resistance and use.

~Connect with other small-scale livestock producers in the region.

Who should attend :
The growing consumer interest in local food production and sustainability, and increased preference for fresh, local and organic products in the last years has been linked to an increase the number of small-scale farms. One of the recognized challenges faced by small-scale livestock producers is the lack of access to technical information and veterinary oversight. Beginning Jan. 2017 all antimicrobials that are medically important and administered in feed or water will require a prescription from a

... Read More

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Alda Pires  |   Cooperative Extension UC Davis  |  Davis, CA

Subject: Survey to Identify the Needs of Small-Scale Farms and Urban Animal Agriculture Producers

The growing numbers of small-scale farms (SSFs) and peri-urban and urban animal agriculture farms (UA) has increased the need for Extension specialists and veterinarians focused on small-scale and backyard livestock production. We are seeking your help in this needs assessment regarding animal health concerns on small-scale farms and for peri-urban and urban animal agriculture in California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington State. This study is led by Dr. Alda Pires (University of California), Dr. Dale Moore (Washington State University) and Dr. Ragan Adams (Colorado State University).

The increasing popularity of local food production and sustainability has put small-scale farming and urban animal agriculture at the forefront. Your input is very important in better understanding this food sector and would be greatly appreciated.

This survey aims to identify the needs of livestock and poultry owners

... Read More

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Haley Burgardt  |  Alameda County RCD  |  Livermore, CA

Subject: REGISTER NOW! 2-Day Holistic Management Workshop: March 30-31

March 30 & 31

9AM - 3:30 PM (each day)

Classroom (AM): Robert Livermore Community Center,

Cresta Blanca Room, 4444 East Ave., Livermore

Field (PM): TBA

Click here to view the HMI webpage for more information !

Are you a new rancher interested in learning whole ranch planning concepts and principles? Are you looking to improve your ability to work with nature and to increase the productivity of your ranch?

Holistic Management International , the Alameda County Conservation Partnership and UC Cooperative Extension invite you to join us for a Holistic Management Whole Ranch Planning workshop.

This introductory course is geared towards ranchers in the first ten years of production who are looking to learn key whole ranch planning concepts and principles to them manage their ranch for the triple bottom line (social, environmental, and financial

... Read More


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