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Subject: Taking the Leap: Health Insurance

Hi Farmers! I am gearing up to take the leap and quit my day job and be a farmer full time but have the big stumbling block of health insurance coverage. Does any one who has done this recently have any advice? I am wondering if there is some kind of farmer's guild that would offer group health insurance.

Thank you!

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  |  Peace and Plenty Farm  |  Kelseyville, CA commented

Thanks for the reply and tip, Greg! Glad to hear the healthy lifestyle of organic farming has done well for you! We love Lake County and do fine here year-round but appreciate your feedback.



10/18/18 9:59 AM
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  |  Wine Country Cuisine  |  Santa Rosa, CA commented

There should be a Lake County Farm Bureau chapter that you could join. Farm Bureau is very Republican and not big into Organic but have vendor discounts on insurance, labor contractors and many other goods and services that farmers need. I quit the Sonoma County chapter years ago when the annual membership equalled my farm and truck insurance discount because of their politics.

I just turned 65 and got Medicare for $134 per month after being uninsured for 30 years. As an organic vegetable farmer, I should be an example of how a healthy diet and lifestyle eliminates the need for rip off health insurance. I got away with it.

This is one of the many factors that discourage young people from becoming farmers. Lake County is a very risky place to farm. Fully one third of the county has burned off in the past three years and many people lost their homes and jobs. There is little local sales potential

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10/17/18 10:33 PM

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