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Subject: general business/liability insurance providers

Hello farmers!

I'm looking for a company that provides general business/liability insurance for small farmers (~2 acres). Does anyone have experience with an insurance company and policy that you recommend?

many thanks,


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  |  Girl on the Hill  |  Vacaville, CA commented

Armstrong & Associates in Woodland denise revelboutique vineyard & natural lavender http://girlonthehill.com
02/13/18 6:59 AM
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  |  Strong Arm Farm  |  Santa Rosa, CA commented

Hi Rose,

I have bought FLIP insurance for the past many years. It's $200-300. With very few questions asked. Immediate certificate issued.

I was skeptical, but called their Idaho headquarters and spoke with a real person.

It meets the 1 million dollar coverage requirement to sell at farmers markets.

02/12/18 9:51 PM
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  |  FarmsReach  |  Berkeley, CA commented

Hi Rose! Below are some recommendations FarmsReach members have made in the past:


- Here are other Conversations threads on insurance:

- Finally, here's a link to our Source Directory, which has a list of ag insurance providers. Just filter like so:

Source Directory > Business & Financial Services > Insurance Agents/Brokers

Good luck!

01/23/18 4:39 PM, updated
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  |  Red Wolf Ranch Naturals  |  Scott Valley, CA commented

Markel is good with livestock/farm policies and Nationwide/Allied is good with whole farm policy's. For a small farm or a start up be sure and use actual figures as future proceeds or expected income may not be as high as you think and you will pay up the ... for unknowns. Be real with financial figures and also protect your assets. I used to sell insurance and these company's were the easiest to deal with, had great customer service, decent premiums and payed promptly on claims. Be sure and shop 2-3 companies as they are quite different in specialty coverage's; however basic coverage is mostly the same over the board.

01/23/18 4:20 PM, updated

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