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Subject: Answer a 30-minute in-person survey and get $50 by participating in a research project

Dear strawberry growers,

My name is Alejandra Echeverri and I am a researcher from the University of British Columbia, Canada. I am currently in California's central coast doing a research project with strawberry growers in the region. I am mostly interested in understanding growers' perceptions of birds in the strawberry crops. I need to conduct in-person surveys with 50 growers for my research, and at the moment I have talked to 30 growers. I am still missing 20 growers, so if you grow strawberries, please consider helping me.

If you are interested in participating in my research, you can call me at 831-332-9213 or e-mail me at, and we can set a time so I can come meet you and we can do the survey. We are giving $50 compensation for your time, and it only takes 30 minutes to answer the survey. I can come find you where you are at any time or date this week. I can administer surveys in Spanish or in English.

Please reach out to me in case you are interested in participating in this research, and please forward this message if you know people who are growing strawberries in the Central Coast and who might be interested in participating in the project.

Thank you,

Alejandra Echeverri

PhD Candidate in Resources, Environment, and Sustainability

The University of British Columbia

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