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Subject: Comparing Dosatron adn Dosmatic Fertilizer Injectors

I have worked on many farms with either Dosatron or Dosmatic liquid fertiligation injectors. They seem pretty similar, yet different. We are going to buy one for the Felix Gillet Institute heirloom fruit and nut tree nursery project. Looking for opinions/experiences with either or both brands. What are the upsides and downsides? Which would you buy? This is a relatively small system, injecting 2-10 gallons per acre per week or two, injected into drip tape. Thanks for any thoughts!

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  |  FarmsReach  |  Berkeley, CA commented

Talked with a sales rep of both to get the scoop! Summary:

  • It’s kind of a Ford vs Chevy situation.
  • Both very good quality.
  • Can’t say one is preferred over the other. No substantial upsides or downsides to either.
  • For smaller-side flow rates, DM11F & D25R Dosatron models are very good units. (DM11F - max flow rate of 11 gal water/minute.)
  • For Dosmatics will probably fall in the mini-dose category, max flow rate 7-12 gal/minute if using drip. Simply match whatever % pump you need as far as ratio you’re injecting to figure out the right model.
  • Neither has more problems than the other, although Dosatrons may be a little bit easier to work on should you have trouble down the road.
  • Both Dosatrons and Dosmatics are popular, but more people buy Dosatrons for whatever reason.
  • Price-wise, very similar.
05/12/17 11:43 AM, updated
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  |  Kings River Produce, Inc.  |  Hanford, CA commented

Hi Amigo,

I have always had good performance and easy access to part with Dosatron

05/12/17 7:01 AM

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