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Subject: Young people choosing Farm careers

I turned 65 this April and I farm by my self, no employees or family, because I love growing edible plants and could pursue my passion. I am having my best sales year ever and want to share operating and sales information in an attempt to show the income potential from growing Certified Organic produce on less than 5 acres such that young people can understand the real career opportunities in agriculture in Sonoma County. I am saddened, frustrated, and disgusted by seeing in the Press Democrat site that the future of Agriculture in Sonoma county is producing Drugs and Alcohol. These scourges of humanity ruin lives and kill innocent victims. This plus tobacco, high fructose corn syrup, and animal fat cause the vast majority of the American people's chronic illness and the wealth of the pharmacuetical industry. Any farmer who purposely produces a product that kills people is an accessory to murder. This can't possibly be an attractive career choice to young people.

As an alternative, I grow CCOF certified fresh herbs and lefty greens. The more of these products people eat, the healthier they become. I supply the Oliver's Market 4 store chain on a guaranteed sale such that I get 60% of retail price but buy back unsold stock. My farm rent is $1000 per month, $12,000 per year for 3 acres in the swampland southwest of Santa Rosa and a packing house that is almost food grade. I harvest and deliver every Tuesday and Friday every week of the year unless the winter flooding is extreme. It didn't flood this winter so I have been profitable every month this year, including January when my CCOF renewal and inspection added $750 in one time cost. I'm on track to invoice over $60,000 in 2018 so farm rent is less than $20% of sales. All other costs and expenses, including vehicle and telephone, are less than $1000 so Sales over $2000 per month are profit to pay my off farm housing rent and personal expenses. I work every day for long hours but no other job would pay me the $1600 plus per week I do farming. Having a partner would make things easier but it never happened. Taxable net farm income is on track to be about 55% of sales, over $30,000 Plus Oliver's prints a check 7 days after delivery, two checks every week so no stressing ever about cash flow.

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  |  silvia organic farm  |  Lancaster, CA commented

Hello Mr. Gary an TerriGood for you Mr. Gary that you are so happy from your fantastic job, is that %55 tax on sales gone make changes in your sale? Good idea to grow canabis, i register my name to orhanic produce summit that is on Dec. 12 in Monterey, is canabis tour l, they reject me because i am not ccof member, still the fee was high being member, so you can go Mr. Gary, is $99 and being member in their summit is $249 and non member $499. So i can not go but i am willing to farm with you for orgamic canabies and vegetables and fruit and herbs and flowers, jor With Terri, i bought. Beef meat today, snd i dont like it does not look or smell like beef, but i be happy to maintain livestick specially i cover that trainting in Alba organice farmers school in Salinas, and mr. Nathan or other Alba members can verify that in 2009 i graduated and farming since than, I be happy to follow thisvwith you I do have... Read More
12/03/18 8:17 PM
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  |  None  |  Casper commented

I am a newbie when it comes about growing marijuana inside. And i saw this that maybe i can plant this inside the house but it is way too expensive than buying it outside. But i think as a starter it would be expensive but if this grows it will lessen the cost. Am i right about this? Appreciated for the reply. Thanks.

12/03/18 7:10 PM
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  |  Blue Oak Meadows  |  Lakeport, CA commented

Hi Greg, I have been trying to find someone who is interested in farming my 20 acres in Lakeport. I'm 59 years old and have owned the land for about 18 years. There is nothing on it but a few oak trees. I do have cows grazing on it from time to time, to keep the grass down. I don't know anything about farming, but I would like to see the land be productive. Your thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas?

10/22/18 9:31 PM
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  |  silvia organic farm  |  Lancaster, CA commented

Hello farmer Nilsen,I read your post on Farmreach and i am interested to talk to you, How should i call you, my phone no. Is 818 679 8810Silvia LucassianSilvia organic farmThank youBestSent from Yahoo Mail on Android
10/22/18 9:30 AM

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