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Subject: Website not secure

attention, admins...the website isn’t secure. If you open it via latest Firefox, it will tell you exactly what the problem seems to be related to password safety, but I am not sure.

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  |  Jellicles Farm  |  Sunol , CA commented

Thanks! It doesn’t explain why on my devices. Thanks for the update.

05/16/18 6:01 PM
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  |  FarmsReach  |  Berkeley, CA commented

With all the hacking going on, this is a new (mostly benign) warning that shows up on most browsers now when the website does not have SSL encryption. Historically, SSL was only used for sites that take your credit card and other personal information, but now it's being recommended for any site that uses a password at all. We are looking into it!

05/16/18 11:08 AM

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