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Subject: Tech glitch fixed! - Recap of posts the past while: Tomato Study, April Events, Rabbit Gates & m

It seems email notifications weren't being sent when folks posted, and the issue has been fixed. Apologies for that! Below is a recap of what's been posted the past while. (You can always see the latest by coming back to the FarmsReach site!)


>>> Subject: Understanding Nitrogen in Organic Tomato Production

Margaret Lloyd | University of California Cooperative Extension | Woodland, CA

Dear Farmers, knowing whether the plants have enough nitrogen at each growth stage can be very challenging because multiple amendments are often added to grow organic, fresh market tomatoes, such as compost + sea bird guano + liquid fertilizers. A small research team at the University of California are undertaking a study to demystify this information. Through this research, we will determine the nitrogen demand in tomatoes and how much nitrogen is made available by each amendment, for each week over the season. We would love to know what amendments you are using so that we can include them in our study.

Organic Tomato Nitrogen Study

Please help us make this research most relevant for you by completing the survey. Results from this research will be made publicly available. Thank you so much! Margaret


>>> Subject: Events coming up this month!

FarmsReach Team | FarmsReach | Berkeley, CA

Below are the events coming up in April! To track the latest as they are added, check out our full Events Calendar.

4/6: IPM Workshop: New Worker Protection Standards - Windsor

4/6: Webinar: Taking Stock of Organic Research Investments 2002-2014 - Online

4/6: Watsonville Community Water Dialogue Meeting - Watsonville

4/7-8: Beginning Farmer Academy - Placer County

4/11: Webinar: High Glucosinolate Mustard as Organic Biofumigant in Vegetable Crops - Online

4/12: Carbon Farm Planning Workshop - Davenport

4/12: Waste Management & Grazing Management Plans — Drop-in Session - Petaluma & Point Reyes

4/13: Celebrating the Diversity of California’s Rangelands & Ranching - Browns Valley

4/13: Hands-on CropManage Workshop – RSVP by 4/10 - Salinas

4/13: Growers’ Irrigation Workshop - Penryn

4/15-16: Holistic Seed Saving Workshop - Sebastopol

4/18-20: Strategic Perspectives on Innovation in Agrifood Supply Chains Conference - Berkeley

4/18: CA Rangeland Conservation Coalition Ranch Tour - Snelling

4/19: Pajaro River Watershed Compass Network Meeting – RSVP by 4/10 - Hollister

4/19: Open Gate: T.O. Cattle Co. Day - Watsonville

4/20: Webinar: California’s New Healthy Soils Program - Online

4/21: Healthy Foodwebs, Healthy Soils - Morro Bay

4/22: Financial Planning & Fundraising for Beginning Farmers - Berkeley

4/26: National Hmong American Farmers Conference - Fresno

4/26: Webinar: What to Consider When Developing your Farm Transition Plan or Estate Plan - Online

4/26: Webinar: High Tunnel Systems - Online

4/29: Irrigated Pasture Management Workshop - Penn Valley

To see more, visit our full Events Calendar. To add events, enter them in from your logged-in Home page, Conversations page, or Classifieds page, and select to post to the main FarmsReach Events. Or, just email us: Thanks!


>>> Subject: Jack Rabbit proof Gates

Sara Bernal | CLBL | Winters, CA

I am fencing off some land to start a veggie farm and I understand how to install the actual perimeter fencing however; does anyone have a gate design or idea that would keep the Jack Rabbits out.

I need a gate that I can drive my truck through and let tractors in and out that would be used daily.

The gate seems like a giant weak spot.

I am considering pouring a small concrete pad to keep them from burrowing and then bringing the wire down to the ground and weighing it down with stones or bricks.....

The Jack Rabbit pressure is pretty intense at this site.


>>> Subject: Lettuce Dryer/Commercial Salad Spinner

Jeff Russell | Tunitas Creek Ranch | Half Moon Bay, CA

I'm looking to purchase a commercial 20 gallon lettuce dryer. Does anyone have any suggestions. I've been looking at Hobart Models.


>>> Subject: Elaine Ingham Healthy Soils Event April 21!

Hunter Francis | Cal Poly Center for Sustainability | San Luis Obispo, CA

Elaine Ingham soil microbiologist and pioneer of the Soil Foodweb will be leading a full day workshop on Friday, April 21 at the Inn at Morro Bay. Early bird pricing of $65 including lunch runs through March 31. More information and registration at:


>>> Subject: Seeking a committed visionary partner and keen investor

Marie Jacques Bonney | Buck Mountain Forest Gardens | Del Rey Oaks, CA

Buck Mountain Forest Gardens is a magnificent 20-acre site in the heart of the Carmel Valley, and prime for becoming a living sanctuary and community landmark dedicated to the legacy of regenerative agriculture. We're seeking a committed visionary partner and keen investor to develop an ecological retreat center for family cultural and corporate events, as well as an educational farm center for sustainable land management practices. The ideal partner will have experience in sustainable land stewardship, cultivating cooperative relationships and developing viable templates for progressively growing restorative economies, ecologies, and communities -- willing to invest in real places, people and local micro enterprises.


>>> Subject: Vermicomposting

Camille Sanandaji | Foodstems | San Francisco, CA

Have you tried vermicomposting? What was your experience like?

Vermicompost is the heterogeneous product of the decomposition of food, vegetable, and plant material along with vermicast (an earthworm’s by-product of the breakdown of organic matter). Vermicompost is an excellent organic fertilizer or used as simply a soil conditioner, as it is rich in readily-available, water-soluble nutrients. Vermicomposting also has various commercial uses besides fertilizer, such as its ability to function as sewage treatment. With all of these benefits, one might perceive vermicomposting as a daunting process, yet with a bit of research and knowledge, the system can be simple to maintain once established. There is an entire internet community with amazing how-to guides. Here is one example:

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