Melissa Fenchak  |  None  |  Lucerne valley, CA

Subject: 30 acres of land and clueless

Hi i live in lucerne valley ca. And have 30 acres of flat mostly clear land. Im not sure what to do with it or where to start....

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  |  P.J. Dunn Working Redworms  |  Galt, CA commented

WOW! Big opportunity here, eh? Love the answers I am seeing, the input is great! From Jeff's practical take to Patrick's thinking from the heart... Whatever your circumstances, it sounds like there is plenty of room to work any kind of plan in; think of things possible for the 'big' picture and you can plan, expand, finding out the best approach as you go. Jerry may have the permaculture approach and, if so, will help to define your goals. Many many questions will factor in re: what grows in Lucerne Valley? Are there 'traditional' models to explore? How long have you been there and what do you think you'd like? You know, some people would look at the same parcel and see a storage facility as a way to build a future! Others would consider an equestrian center, an orchard, nursery, turf farm, organic crops, flowers.. The list goes on and on. One suggestion (only MY personal choice) and there are

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01/11/18 2:16 AM
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  |  East Stanislaus Resource Conservation District  |  Modesto, CA commented

Hi, Melissa! The vision question is a good one by Brady, as you should think about your goals, e.g. are you trying to make money in a short period or over the long-term, or do you want to build an intentional community, or just farm for your own food, fiber, etc.?

Next, I think you could look at the historical land use there, and then maybe get the soil tested in different spots to see what your nutrient composition looks like, where your level of organic matter is at, and other things like that. This should give you a better idea of what you're working with.

The Resource Conservation District (RCD) in your area might be able to help as well, as they're connected to NRCS who can get you some funding for certain conservation practices like cover cropping or irrigation work and they might be able to help with the soil testing, and UC extension who can help you out with research info and doing trials on

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01/10/18 1:30 PM
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  |  verdi land  |  pacifca, CA commented

Melissa; If you need assistance in realizing an appropriate use of this land, please get back with me at and I would furnish you with a resume that is inclusive of many years of experience with the land, and I would love to talk with you after you have read the resume. Hope to hear from you soon. jerry v

01/09/18 10:38 PM
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  |  Raven Hill Orchard  |  Del Mar, CA commented

Do you have a dream or vision you would love to manifest? A community working together to remember what it means to live in harmony? There are many wonderful directions to go here, the land will describe its capability to the discerning observer. You are here for a reason. Manifest the dream. The help will come when you are ready. Thank you for being open.

patrick brady

01/09/18 6:30 PM

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