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Jacob Roberson  |  Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF)  |  Fresno, CA

Subject: Food Safety Regional Lead for Tulare, Fresno, Madera, and Merced counties

Good Morning Ya'll,

My name is Jacob Roberson and I am the Food Safety Regional Lead for Tulare, Fresno, Madera, and Merced counties for a non-profit organization called Community Alliance with Family Farmers (new to Fresno area). CAFF is well established all over California except for the Central Valley which is where I am based out of (Fresno to be exact). I wanted to use this post as a source to contact farmers who are struggling with food safety and cannot afford to hire an outside consultant to come to their farm, perform assessments, help with documentation, and get their farm ready for a 3rd party audit. I perform the same duties as an outside consultant but my service is no cost to the farmer. CAFF is a non-profit organization looking to better food safety standards and procedures practiced on small farms / farms at a disadvantage (financial hardships, language barriers, new farmers, etc.).


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FarmsReach Team  |  FarmsReach  |  Berkeley, CA

Subject: Tech glitch fixed! - Recap of posts the past while: Tomato Study, April Events, Rabbit Gates & m

It seems email notifications weren't being sent when folks posted, and the issue has been fixed. Apologies for that! Below is a recap of what's been posted the past while. (You can always see the latest by coming back to the FarmsReach site!)


>>> Subject: Understanding Nitrogen in Organic Tomato Production

Margaret Lloyd | University of California Cooperative Extension | Woodland, CA

Dear Farmers, knowing whether the plants have enough nitrogen at each growth stage can be very challenging because multiple amendments are often added to grow organic, fresh market tomatoes, such as compost + sea bird guano + liquid fertilizers. A small research team at the University of California are undertaking a study to demystify this information. Through this research, we will determine the nitrogen demand in tomatoes and how much nitrogen is made available by each amendment, for each week over the

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Amy Arroyo  |  The Joey Farm  |  Falls Church, VA

Subject: Seasonal Crew Member (Red Wiggler Community Farm, Maryland)

Super rewarding opportunity!

The Crew Leader will lead a crew of volunteers and growers (adults with developmental disabilities) on all farm tasks including seeding, planting, weeding, harvesting, post harvest handling, and field maintenance tasks. The Crew Leader will be responsible for making sure that their team finishes each job accurately, efficiently, and inclusively according to each person’s abilities. The Crew Leader will also work independently on farm tasks when needed.

The Crew Leader will need to have a positive attitude, enjoy farming and working outside in all conditions. The Crew Leader will be expected to motivate their team to get their tasks done and to communicate clearly back to the Farm Manager how the tasks went and what got done. The Crew Leader will work alongside our growers and volunteers each day and will be expected to lead and teach by example and demonstrate a strong

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David Plescia  |  New Family Farm  |  Sebastopol, CA

Subject: Tractor models that have worked? The classic One-Tractor dilemma

Howdy Farmers,

I am looking for specific tractor models, old or new (manufacturer, model, and year) that veggie growers have really liked, so that I can search them used on TractorHouse. Our situation is this...

My partner and I are tooling up to break ground on a 6-8 acre, diverse vegetable CSA in Sebastopol. We are researching tractors, and deep into the classic "one tractor conundrum". With the ability to only afford one tractor, we would like to have a versatile one. We'd like it to be able to do primary tillage, as well as has have properly spaced and thin enough tires to get it into our shaped beds to help renovate beds for second-plantings (to undercut, disc, rototill, or spade), to weed the furrows and to possibly flame-weed (if we can find a 60" tractor mounted flame weeder). We will cultivate in-row manually the first years.

Our requirements are: ~50 horsepower, 4WD, 60" center-to-center tread

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12/01/16, updated

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  |  Terra Firma Farm  |  Winters, CA commented

I swear I am not a Kubota sales rep, and I've never actually seen a 7060 up close, but the online specs say that both the front and rear wheel spacing on the 4wd model can be set at 60 inches.

This turned into a great thread with lots of farmers posting...I guess it takes tractor talk in December to get the FR forums humming.

The reason everyone likes Kubotas is because they are still built the old way, to last. Little or no electronics, no computers, simple hydraulic systems, bombproof engines, and components and parts that are easy to replace and relatively inexpensive.

12/05/16 9:41 PM, updated

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Kaley Grimland  |  Sol Seeker Farm  |  Prunedale, CA

Subject: Turkey Slaughter and value added processing for poultry

Hi all,

I have a couple of questions regarding processing and value added:
1)Where do people take turkeys to get processed? I just called New American Poultry, but they don't do turkeys.

2) We are wanting to do value added for our turkey and chicken and maybe duck?? (Ground turkey, ground chicken, and sausages among other value-added poultry items.) What is the process for that? I know it is a USDA slaughter required, but then where do we do the value-added part? Is this something that slaughter house can do to?
3) If not, Can we do value added ourselves as long as it is a USDA slaughter and value added in a commercial kitchen?


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  |  Sol Seeker Farm  |  Prunedale, CA commented

Thanks! Yes, we do mostly on farm processing but also strive to comply with regulation as much as possible. I agree it's frustrating to try to raise and slaughter humanely uet be forced to tranpsot live birds hours away to comply with regulation. . We have a few hundred chickens we hoped to do some value added products with to give our customers something different. We sell mainly at farmers markets but do have small CSA. Maybe we could just market it that way. I realize the cost, but most of our customers would be willing to pay. I have never heard of Roundmand so will try them out.

11/29/16 9:15 PM, updated

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Maureen Thompson  |  California Farm Academy, Center for Land-Based Learning  |  Winters, CA

Subject: CA Farm Academy Training Program: 2017 Info Session

Greetings from the CA Farm Academy!
The California Farm Academy's (CFA) Beginning Farmer Training Program trains beginning farmers in all aspects of agricultural production through field work, business planning, classes, and farm visits to give students a solid foundation in what they need to know to start a farm business or manage a farm operation. At the close of the program each student will have completed a farm business plan. Please see the attached flyer for more information about the program.

We are currently accepting applications for the 2017 program! To meet alumni, program staff, and learn more, please come to the farm and join us for our Information Session.

CA Farm Academy 2017 Information Session
When: Saturday, October 8th, 3 pm – 5 pm
Where: Center for Land-Based Learning, 5265 Putah Creek Road, Winters, CA 95694

Please RSVP to Maureen Thompson,

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Anton Iershov  |  Hamster Club   |  El Segundo, CA

Subject: Walnut Orchards information

Hello !

Would you help me please to find a list of Walnut Orchards in California . And would be nice to have any information of meetings , conference about walnut industry .


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  |  Green Sprout Farm  |  Lakeport, CA commented

The should take you to the California Walnut Commission and the California Walnut Board. The commission has a newsletter and is on Facebook. The local UC extensions have walnut meetings in the spring, so contact your local extension office. If you sell commercially, a portion of your sales go to these organizations, which do a great job of promoting walnuts and supporting research.

08/23/16 10:59 AM

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Liya Schwartzman  |  California FarmLink  |  Sacramento, CA

Subject: Agrarian Elders Farm Succession Needs Assessment

Hello FarmsReachers! California FarmLink is conducting a Needs Assessment aimed at collecting data about farm succession and business transitions for local farmers and ranchers. Would you help us by completing our Needs Assessment and distributing it to farmers you know who are thinking about passing on their farm to the next generation?

In 2014, a group of pioneering organic farmers, coined “Agrarian Elders” by The New York Times, gathered on the California coast to discuss “a national emergency”--the greying American farmer. According to the 2012 USDA Agricultural Census, the number of California farmers over 65 has grown by 20%, while the number of beginning farmers decreased by 23%.

Many seasoned farmers are asking: “Can I retire? Can I pass my knowledge and legacy to the next generation?” At the same time, young farmers are asking, “How can I get

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Penny Leff  |  UC Cooperative Extension  |  Davis, CA

Subject: Opportunity: rent your farm to Wilderness Torah for fall harvest festival, October 2016!

Wilderness Torah, a non-profit based in Berkeley, CA, runs 4 major festivals a year that connect people to the earth-based roots of Judaism. Sukkot on the Farm, held October 20-23, 2016, is our annual fall harvest festival, a multi day, family friendly camping event.

In the past year we've outgrown the farm we've been holding the festival on (Green Oaks Creek Farm, Pescadero, CA) and are now looking for a wonderful new site within 2.5 hours of the Bay Area that might be our home for years to come.

This is our tenth annual Sukkot on the Farm. We are fully insured, have a professional team, bring in porta potties, build our own infrastructure, and supply our own chefs/organic food (though utilizing farm products is welcome!). We fully clean up the site afterwards. Our marketing reaches tens of thousands though social media and visits to our website, and we are happy to highlight your farm.

Please see our

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Susan Cousineau  |  Self-employed  |  Camarillo, CA

Subject: Looking for tree crop growers interested in on-farm research

Hi all

There is much buzz about carbon farming, soil health and regenerative agriculture this year, and many farmers (and researchers) are interested in developing on-farm soil carbon and soil health monitoring.

I'm interested in finding someone interested in developing regenerative agricultural practices on their existing orchard (focusing on citrus, avocado or almond but open to others) in order to set up some medium term (2-5+ year) monitoring projects modelling soil-building practices. These might include compost application (as per the Marin Carbon Project:; intensively managed/short-rotation grazing; intercropping, covercropping and alley cropping; alternative irrigation practices; or other methods depending on the goals of landowner and research potential of the site.

A bit about me: my background is in evolutionary ecology (BSc., MSc.), but I grew up farming and

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  |  P.J. Dunn Working Redworms  |  Galt, CA commented

This sounds like a very good starting point for a lot of contemporary 'aggies'. Some terms are new, but the sound of regenerative suggests a 'sustainable' tone to it. I would love to open up interest in worm castings as part of that process. I've been a small scale worm farmer for 18 years now and haven't seen enough commitment to the principles that Elaine Ingham has framed in her studies about soil health and fertility. If you have the desire to follow the health of the soil below the surface, please get in touch with me at PJ Dunn Working Red Worms in Galt, CA.

I'm sure that the process that occurs in the transformation of compost to castings involves carbon AND regeneration. We sell castings and worms and can provide education to get anyone started in turning their farm waste into mother nature's best and most well balanced fertilizer! Alternative is no longer a 'dirty' word, it is just

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04/17/16 2:09 PM

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