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Laura Patterson  |  UC Davis  |  Davis, CA

Subject: April 26 Pastured-pig seminar Santa Rosa, CA

Join us in Santa Rosa, CA for a seminar about pasture-raised pigs and feral pigs.

April 26, Thursday 6pm.

UCCE Sonoma county @UCCESonoma

RSVP here:


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Thomas Aaron Dinwoodie  |  Feral Heart Farm  |  Sunol, CA

Subject: in search of 2" aluminum irrigation pipe with risers and connectors

Any leads on 2" aluminum pipe with connectors and risers with sprinklers? I know 3" is the more common size. Does anyone have a better solution to pre-irrigating for weed flush or early fall tillage? Would lay flat with risers and cam lock fittings work with some sort of staking?

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  |  Camp Grant Family Farm  |  Redcrest , CA commented

That would be E2809CRain for RentE2809D maybe still in Woodland. 
03/15/18 7:02 AM

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Laura Patterson  |  UC Davis  |  Davis, CA

Subject: UC Davis research opportunity for those that raise pigs and/or have feral pigs nearby

We are currently enrolling participants for a study to learn about foodborne diseases harbored in domestic pigs raised outdoors and nearby feral pig populations in California.

I am a former small-scale farmer who has worked at various farms in Capay Valley and also rented land to grow flowers and vegetables with my husband. I am currently a PhD candidate at UC Davis and my dissertation focuses on small-scale diversified farms because of my background as an organic farmer. My advisor is Dr. Alda Pires, who is an UC ANR extension specialist and she works with small-scale farmers and backyard producers in California.

During this study (conducted from March through June, 2018), we will collect domestic pig feces from farms that raise swine outdoors and test the samples for Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC) and Hepatitis E virus (HEV). We will also collect feral pig fecal samples from the same

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Team Bernier  |  Bernier Farms  |  Geyserville, CA

Subject: Rats on the farm

Hello fellow farmers,

How is everyone doing with their rodent population. It seems that we have more rats than usual and I have been setting traps with peanut butter, but my rats don't seem to go for it. We have tried the electronic or battery operated traps and those don't seem effective either. Any suggestions out there? Yael Bernier/Bernier Farms

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  |  Mendocino County Resource Conservation District  |  Boonville, CA commented

Hi Yael,

you can’t use good organic peanut butter, they don’t go for that. Try Jiffy’s or a similar brand ????

03/08/18 8:07 AM

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Sophia Bates  |  Long Meadow Ranch  |  Saint Helena, CA

Subject: Paul Underhill - what do your neighbors grow?

I was driving between St Helena and Davis the other day and noticed acres and acres of low shade houses near your place. What goes on over there?

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  |  Long Meadow Ranch  |  Saint Helena, CA commented

Thanks :) curiosity

03/07/18 9:27 AM

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FarmsReach Team  |  FarmsReach  |  Berkeley, CA

Subject: Events coming up this month (and early next)!

Below are the events coming up in March (and first week of April)! To track the latest as they are added, check out our full Events Calendar.

3/6-7: Transplant Production Workshop - San Jose
3/7: Webinar: Seed Saving for Crops that Suit You Best - Online
3/10: Cultivating Organic Asian Medicinal Plants (1st class in series) - Petaluma
3/10: Pasture Lambing School - Auburn
3/10: Annual Farmers Guild-Raising: Workshops & Demos for Family Farms, Food Advocates - Davis
3/13: Webinar: Managing Cover Crops and No-till to Reduce Pest Problems - Online
3/14: FSMA Food Safety Grower Training - Petaluma
3/14: Webinar: Goat Herding Basics - Online
3/15: Healthy Soils on California’s Central Coast Ranches | Cal Poly, SLO - San Luis Obispo
3/16: Workshop: Marketing & Business Management for Urban Farms - Davis
3/16: Healthy Soils on California Central Coast’s Ranches | Chamberlin Ranch - Los Olivos
3/17: Farming 101

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Luis Duran  |  Agrobanana  |  Juana Diaz, FL

Subject: Soil Test Interpretation

My fertilizer strategy is to satisfy my banana crop nutrient needs trough weekly fertigations. My crop looks healthy and vigorous but my soil test results show that some nutrients (P, K and S) are below adequate. Can this be expected since Im not trying to build up nutrient reserves but satisfying inmediate nutrient needs? What does "adequate" in a soil test really means? that my soil already has enough nutrient for the whole crop season?

Thanks, Luis

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Shubham Jaiswal  |  Mordor Intelligence  |  Boston, MA

Subject: Discussion on Biostimulants market in Florida


I would like your inputs on the following queries:

1. Do you use biostimulants? If yes, then what products do you use?

2. Would you like to use biostimulants? If yes, then what kind of biostimulants would you prefer?
3. Do you think Biostimulants are healthy for soil ?
4. If you are considering to use biostimulants then, what details do you need before starting to use the product?.
5. What are the major issues that arise during growing strawberry, tomato and other crops?

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  |  FarmsReach  |  Berkeley, CA commented

We saw your post requesting info from the farming market in Florida... 1) 99% of this community is in California, and 2) I see that you are a market research firm, which is not a good fit for this forum. May we suggest you contact farmers and ranchers in Florida directly. Best of luck.

03/02/18 11:41 AM

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Katie Brimm  |  Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture  |  Oakland, CA

Subject: MESA seeks Beginning and Experienced Farmers: Climate Resilience - An Online Course for Farmers

Hi all,

Apologies for the re-post, but we just adjusted our regional to focus to make this course available state-wide in Oregon and California. We may open up a version of it to the rest of the country later in the year - let me know and I can keep you in the loop if you're interested. Otherwise, if you're in CA or OR - please apply if interested:

The Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture is now offering an online course called Climate Resilience - A Course for Farmers. We are specifically making this course available to new and experienced farmers in California and Oregon to create a thriving network, share skills, tools and knowledge, and to help you and your farm be more climate resilient. We're offering this course for free this year to farmers interested in climate resiliency on their farms.

I invite you to learn more here: or feel free to contact me with any questions or interest . Thank you!

In Topics Beginning Farmers & Ranchers, Weather & Climate Change

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FarmsReach Team  |  FarmsReach  |  Berkeley, CA

Subject: Compiled list of Job Opportunities posted recently

There have been a lot of job opportunities posted in FarmsReach lately! Please pass this on to friends who are looking for farm positions or internships! To view all Classifieds, go to > Community > Classifieds.

Field Crew (Full Time and Part Time), Bluma Farm, Sunol

Assistant Manager (Full Time), Bluma Farm, Sunol

Nursery Assistant, MIX Garden, Healdsburg

Ranch Manager, SoMar Farms, Petaluma

... Read More

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02/11/18, updated
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