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FarmsReach Team  |  FarmsReach  |  Berkeley, CA

Subject: Events the rest of January (and beginning of February)!

Below are the events coming up in January (and beginning of February)! To track the latest as they are added, check out our full Events Calendar.

1/13: Home Grown Fruit: Basic Winter Fruit Tree Pruning - Watsonville
1/16-17: CA Rangeland Conservation Coalition Summit - Stockton
1/17: Webinar: Best Practice Resources for Agricultural Apprenticeships - Online
1/18: Labor & Safety Regulations - Paso Robles
1/18-19: Cal Poly SLO’s 29th Annual Ag Showcase - San Luis Obispo
1/18: Workshop on Expanding Market Channels - Petaluma
1/18: Webinar: Agricultural Solar Electric Investment Analysis (1st in series of 6) - Online
1/18: Sheep Management Basics - Auburn
1/19: Webinar: Diversified Cropping Systems as a Pathway to Sustainability in CA - Online
1/20: Preparing Ewes for Lambing - Auburn
1/20: Free Fruit Tree Q&A Session - Santa Cruz
1/22: Webinar: How produce growers need to comply with FSMA - Online

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Melissa Fenchak  |  None  |  Lucerne valley, CA

Subject: 30 acres of land and clueless

Hi i live in lucerne valley ca. And have 30 acres of flat mostly clear land. Im not sure what to do with it or where to start....

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  |  P.J. Dunn Working Redworms  |  Galt, CA commented

WOW! Big opportunity here, eh? Love the answers I am seeing, the input is great! From Jeff's practical take to Patrick's thinking from the heart... Whatever your circumstances, it sounds like there is plenty of room to work any kind of plan in; think of things possible for the 'big' picture and you can plan, expand, finding out the best approach as you go. Jerry may have the permaculture approach and, if so, will help to define your goals. Many many questions will factor in re: what grows in Lucerne Valley? Are there 'traditional' models to explore? How long have you been there and what do you think you'd like? You know, some people would look at the same parcel and see a storage facility as a way to build a future! Others would consider an equestrian center, an orchard, nursery, turf farm, organic crops, flowers.. The list goes on and on. One suggestion (only MY personal choice) and there are

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01/11/18 2:16 AM

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FarmsReach Team  |  FarmsReach  |  Berkeley, CA

Subject: Recent solicitations via private message

Apologies to the ~175 of you who received solicitations from a few determined investors over private message the past few days. We've deleted the three users who were sending the messages. Please let us know if you receive any other unwanted solicitations or spam!

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Eric Bost  |  Sprout LA  |  Santa Monica, CA

Subject: Los Angeles Chef-Restaurateur Seeking Farm Collaboration

We are a team of creative restaurateurs opening a new project in mid city Los Angeles this Spring 2018. Our goal is to collaborate with a farm in a unique and dynamic way, outside of the typical provider/ buyer relationship.

This collaboration can be achieved in a variety of ways, ultimately providing stability for both the restaurant and the farm via the following:

  • The restaurant will have access to a consistent and original source of quality vegetables, fruits, flowers and honey.
  • Planting schedules and menu development will coincide, allowing the teams to develop creative applications for all materials throughout their lifecycle.
  • The farmer will have access to a predictable and stable source of revenue, providing security for planning and investment.

Our team is sensitive not only to the variety and the quality of the produce, but also to the methodology with which it has been produced. Are we able to

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  |  Apple of the Tropics  |  San Diego, CA commented

Hi Eric;This a really great idea.  I am in San Diego and I have worked with Sprouts in the past at the Sprouts in La Mesa, San Diego.I am a Facebook friend with Erin Tice.  Rick 20
01/11/18 9:39 AM

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Karen Giovannini  |  University of California Cooperative Extension  |  Santa Rosa, CA

Subject: Poultry & Rabbit Processing survey

Happy Holidays!

In an effort to learn about issues small-scale poultry and rabbit meat producers face, please take/share the this survey:

Poultry & Rabbit Processing in California 2018

We are looking for responses by JANUARY 12.

Thank you!

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Madeline Power  |  Custom Reality Services  |  Milwaukee, WI

Subject: Looking for an EV tractor

Hi there,

My name is Madeline Power. I am a film producer and currently working on a documentary about the renewable energy efforts in the state of California. I am looking for an EV tractor to use as a prop in one of the scenes. Does anyone have any suggestions or have an EV tractor they would be willing to let us use? Would be open to paying a rental fee. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or resources. Feel free to email me at

Thank you!

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  |  Floodgate Farm  |  Redwood Valley, CA commented

Steve Heckeroth in Mendocino or Albion is into this and may have one.

12/18/17 9:02 AM

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Jill Caggiano  |  None  |  San Luis Obispo, CA

Subject: 2.3 Acres for Lease in San Luis Obispo, CA



Please read and complete all portions of this application.

Central Coast Grown (CCG) would like to announce two and one third (2.3) acres of the City Farm–San Luis Obispo available for ground lease beginning immediately. This irrigated Class One and Class Two farmland is located within the city of San Luis Obispo, California and includes a large hoop house. (See Appendix A). This farm is intended for row crops with the possibility for perennial plantings and animal husbandry. The property has been cover cropped and farmed without chemical additives for the last four years. The amount of acreage and length of the lease are negotiable.

This property is part of the Calle Joaquin Agricultural Reserve Open Space owned by the City of San Luis Obispo. CCG has secured the master lease agreement for this site and manages all relations with the

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Lalitha Vish  |  Jellicles Farm  |  Sunol , CA

Subject: Agriculture and Robots Roundtable, Fall 2017

Dear Farmers! I am a small acreage urban farmer in the Bay Area, CA. I started in 2012 as a green newbie and have learnt so much along the way. Within the first year, I realised some things: 1. economies of scale dont work for small operations 2. labour will always be an issue 3. technology, unless created WITH farmers will be destructive to soil and bottomline. (example: pesticides, john deere with its dmca issue etc)

So I started working on a robotic autonomous platform that can do *some* tasks but not all. Along the way, I realised that $$$ is a big issue and that the tech sector with brighter minds is working on it. I paused my work for one year and started networking in Silicon Valley. I think its time to introduce farmers to Silicon Valley to start a dialogue.

It will take place in the Bay Area, but if anyone in the Farmsreach community wants to attend but is unable, please comment here or

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  |  Greensward / New Natives LLC  |  Aptos, CA commented


If it's not too much trouble


Thanks Ken

12/13/17 12:41 PM

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FarmsReach Team  |  FarmsReach  |  Berkeley, CA

Subject: Events coming up in December (and beginning of January)!

Below are the events coming up in December (and beginning of January)! To track the latest as they are added, check out our full Events Calendar.

12/3-6: 99th Annual Meeting for CA Farm Bureau - Orange County
12/4-7: Pasture Poultry Workshop - Davis
12/4-7: Online: Beginning Farmer and Rancher Online Virtual Conference - Online
12/6-10: Earthworks for Farm Resilience with Warren Brush - San Luis Obispo
12/8: 20th Annual UC IPM Seminar for Lake & Mendocino Counties - Hopland
12/9: Webinar: Sustainable Winegrowing and Certification - Online
12/11: Webinar: Organic Value-Added Processing & Certification - Online
12/12: CCOF North Coast Chapter Meeting - Rohnert Park
12/13-15: SoCal Farmers Summit - Encinitas
12/13-14: Organic Grower Summit - Monterey
12/13: Nuts & Bolts of Gray Mold & Fungicide Resistance - Watsonville
12/14: Alternative Weed Management for Vegetable Growers - Bolinas
1/8: Vendor-101 Farmers

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Paul Underhill  |  Terra Firma Farm  |  Winters, CA

Subject: UCCE Bagrada Study

I thought it best to post this in a new thread. This study shows the extreme difficulty of controlling bagrada bugs organically as well as the potential risk it poses to anyone who is growing brassicas.

In Topics Pest & Disease Management

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  |  Classic Organic Farm  |  Gaviota, CA commented

When the mustard on the adjacent hillsides drys up, the Bagrada moves into my fields - August or September usually. When the weather cools down in November, they are a lot less active. They try to hide in cracks and crevices in the barns and houses.

11/15/14 6:11 AM

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