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Jeff Russell  |  Tunitas Creek Ranch  |  Half Moon Bay, CA

Subject: Lettuce Dryer/Commercial Salad Spinner

I'm looking to purchase a commercial 20 gallon lettuce dryer. Does anyone have any suggestions. I've been looking at Hobart Models.

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Sara Bernal  |  CLBL  |  Winters, CA

Subject: Jack Rabbit proof Gates

I am fencing off some land to start a veggie farm and I understand how to install the actual perimeter fencing however; does anyone have a gate design or idea that would keep the Jack Rabbits out.

I need a gate that I can drive my truck through and let tractors in and out that would be used daily.

The gate seems like a giant weak spot.

I am considering pouring a small concrete pad to keep them from burrowing and then bringing the wire down to the ground and weighing it down with stones or bricks.....

The Jack Rabbit pressure is pretty intense at this site.

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J Reed  |  The Mongrol Hoard   |  Grants Pass, OR

Subject: Sheep Shearing

Booking the Shearing Season

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J Reed  |  The Mongrol Hoard   |  Grants Pass, OR

Subject: Biological Control Methods / Norway Rats

Currently Providing Biological Control Methods for Norway Rats on Farms

Working in CA. OR and WA

We are interested in addressing the rats at the source and look for the earth warrens with visible tunnels and activity,: this is where we excel. We use a variety of home made tools and lots of digging in order to flush the rats from the ground and the dogs catch and dispatch. We do not like or permit spectators, as people that are not connected intimately to the process rarely understand and often offer only critique. We do not catch rats in walls , under houses, in crawl spaces or insulation. We always hope for locations with lots of rats. If there are enough rats we can bring extra friends and dogs.

We are specifically working around poultry and livestock, looking for daily visible rats.

Contact us via our website for a site visit.

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02/16/17, updated
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FarmsReach Team  |  FarmsReach  |  Berkeley, CA

Subject: Events coming up in February!

Below are the 24 events coming up in February! To track the latest and greatest as they are added, check out our full Events Calendar.

2/12: Gilltract Beginning Farmer Workshop, 2/12 - Albany
2/13: Yolo/Sacramento/Solano Agritourism Summit - Davis
2/14: 2017 Annual Caneberry Production Research Meeting - Watsonville
2/15: Food Safety Good Agricultural Practices Training for Hmong & Mien Growers - Merced
2/14: Webinar: Soil Management in Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation - Online
2/15: Webinar: America’s Diverse Family Farms: 2016 Edition - Online
2/15: 2017 Southern San Joaquin Livestock Symposium (Exeter) - Exeter
2/16: Sonoma/Marin Agritourism Summit - Petaluma
2/16: 2017 Southern Livestock Symposium (Fresno) Fresno
2/16: Agrarian Elders: Planning for Succession - Half Moon Bay
2/17-2/19: 2017 California Organic Seed Summit - Montara
2/18: 4th Annual Guild-Raising - Forestville
2/20: Principles of

... Read More

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David Kaisel  |  Capay Mills  |  Rumsey, CA

Subject: Small Grains Field Day THIS SATURDAY

Sorry for the late posting!

The California Grain Campaign is organizing a Small Grains Field Day this Saturday, Feb.11, at Open Field Farm in Petaluma.

Registrations close Wednesday, Feb. 9. Email for registration information.

A small number of California farmers have revived heritage grains in recent years. They've grown in varied climes and tried different strains. Now it's time to gather together, to learn from farmers and researchers, and to share best practices to strengthen our farms, businesses, and food shed.
The Small Grain Field Day is part of a series of workshops that will address technical aspects of grain farming specific to the California context.
The field day will cover four areas: seed selection, field cultivation, planting and monitoring -- including related equipment.
10 AM - Introductions and Open Field Farm tour
10:30 AM - Seed
... Read More

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Justin King  |  Capay Apiary Products  |  Orland, CA

Subject: Attention ALMOND growers

1x1x4' tree stakes $.45 apiece.

do you have leaning trees or DON'T want leaning trees then these are the stakes for you.

minimum order 20,000

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Laura Patterson  |  UC Davis  |  Davis, CA


We are looking for California certified organic growers to participate in a multi-regional study to assess current management practices affecting soil health and the survival of pathogens, related to adding raw/aged/untreated manure to crop production fields.

The goal of our study is to provide organic farmers with science-based effective strategies that limit food safety risks when using raw manure based soil amendments.

University of California-Davis researchers will visit enrolled farms 8 times per growing season (in 2017 & 2018). We will collect water, produce, soil and manure samples. All samples will be tested for bacterial indicators such as nonpathogenic E. coli & pathogens. Farmers will be asked to complete a short survey. The study is voluntary and all locations and names will be kept confidential.

How you can participate:

We are looking to enroll farms that fit these criteria:... Read More

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  |  P.J. Dunn Working Redworms  |  Galt, CA commented

Sounds like a very important study for pastured land producing crops for human consumption. I like to remind farmers if they do have access to large quantities of raw manures and spread them on their fields that processing through the gut of the composting worm adds incredible benefit to the finished product. Getting started is easy if you want to know more you can contact Michael Dunn at PJ Dunn Working Red Worms in Galt

01/16/17 12:08 PM

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Lalitha Vish  |  Jellicles Farm  |  Sunol , CA

Subject: Subsoiler vs rototiller, newbie question

i went and saw some tractor attachments today. I have a kuboto with rototiller attachment. When I saw the sub soiler attachment, I had to wonder about the whole point of a rototiller? Is a subsoiler only for compacted soil? is it damaging to the soil layers? How different is it from deep ripping? In the attached image, is it a 'v-blade' on the 3point hitch? Terribly embarassed, but total newbie here. would sub soiler be considered 'an essential' piece of it inherently superior to much as 'tillage' is considered it were.

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  |  Classic Organic Farm  |  Gaviota, CA commented

As stated by others, the object in the photo is not a subsoiler. It is used to make furrows. Subsoilers and rippers do not invert the soil. They just fracture the soil breaking up the lower layers (subsoil). Other tools are used to make a seedb such as discs, harrows, and/or rototillers, just to name a few.

01/14/17 11:38 AM

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Amy Arroyo  |  The Joey Farm  |  Falls Church, VA

Subject: Seasonal Crew Member (Red Wiggler Community Farm, Maryland)

Super rewarding opportunity!

The Crew Leader will lead a crew of volunteers and growers (adults with developmental disabilities) on all farm tasks including seeding, planting, weeding, harvesting, post harvest handling, and field maintenance tasks. The Crew Leader will be responsible for making sure that their team finishes each job accurately, efficiently, and inclusively according to each person’s abilities. The Crew Leader will also work independently on farm tasks when needed.

The Crew Leader will need to have a positive attitude, enjoy farming and working outside in all conditions. The Crew Leader will be expected to motivate their team to get their tasks done and to communicate clearly back to the Farm Manager how the tasks went and what got done. The Crew Leader will work alongside our growers and volunteers each day and will be expected to lead and teach by example and demonstrate a strong

... Read More

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