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Subject: New Farmers looking for Sources


My name is Will Nelson and my partner and I are moving to California from New England to start a farm in the foothills of the Sierra's. We are looking for sources for irrigation supplies, fertilizers, potting soil, compost, equipment, etc. We would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

Will Nelson

The Bear & The Bee

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  |  FarmsReach  |  Berkeley, CA commented

Welcome to CA, Will! We've compiled most of the supplier recommendations shared by the FarmsReach community in our Source Directory. It's still in beta, so the best way to find things is by drilling down by category. There's also a search function, but sometimes it misses keywords so drilling down is your best bet!

02/05/16 12:30 PM, updated

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Subject: Innovative practices and technologies for forage crops

Next question in the series: What innovative practices or new technologies are you all using to manage your forage crops?

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For more context and references, see our Soil Nutrient Management Toolkit and the recent blog about this Series. For bios of our panelists, check out the Nutrient Management Solutions group. This Nutrient Management Series in Times of Drought Series is a collaboration of UC SAREP, FarmsReach and Sustainable Conservation.

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  |  Dellavalle Lab  |  Fresno, CA commented

There is a tool for irrigation scheduling from the Center for Irrigation technology, called Water Right: It’s a calculator, which is CA specific, although it only considers uniform soil type. It's a decent guide for alfalfa and annual crops, although not great for trees and vines.

Some growers are using drones to collect plant stress and soil quality data. Drones are a matter of 'you get what you pay for' -- There is a great range out there in terms of quality. Satellite image data can often work just as well. Precision ag tools can be wonderful if you have a crop that can support the technology economically. There has to be an economic incentive and large enough acreage to make integration worthwhile. Also, the use of in-field sensors is steadily gaining utility and adoption. Canopy temperature sensors are getting more and more interesting in terms of crop health and pest

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04/13/15 5:09 PM

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