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Headline: Paul’s Produce in Sonoma Seeks Farm Assistant & Field Worker

Opportunity to work at longstanding diverse vegetable farm in Sonoma, be part of an experienced farm team, and learn under a reputable, established farmer. Growing on 10 acres in year-round production, Paul’s Produce has been serving Sonoma Valley and the greater Bay Area for nearly 31 years. We pride ourselves on efficient use of time and energy and employ many labor saving tools and techniques. We are seeking individuals with some farming experience, but will consider anyone with a good work ethic and enthusiasm.

Main Duties:

  • Picking, packing and growing a wide variety of seasonal vegetables
  • Field work (cultivating, planting, working with drip/overhead irrigation)
  • Possible farmers market fill in
  • Possible delivery to local restaurants

Skills, Knowledge, Abilities:

- 2+ years of experience farming or farm/gardening preferred

- Spanish language proficiency preferred

- Collaborative attitude and ability

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Headline: Cane Berry Farm Manager Position With Profit Sharing Potential

Le Reve Farm, located just outside Sebastopol CA, is a small operation focused on organic, regenerative production of several varieties of cane berries. We are currently in need of a dedicated farm manager to oversee all aspects of production, harvest, distribution and development of new plantings. We have well established local markets and clients which has completely streamlined marketing and distribution allowing the farm manager to focus on production and harvest. Additionally, production systems are well developed basically making the entire operation relatively turn-key at this juncture. Please note that we will provide ample training and support, but the manager will be working independently approximately 80% of the time.

Projected time commitments and associated work (approximate):


- 160 hours - pruning, IPM (weed, pest & disease management), irrigation system

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12/12/16, updated

Subject: Tractor models that have worked? The classic One-Tractor dilemma

Howdy Farmers,

I am looking for specific tractor models, old or new (manufacturer, model, and year) that veggie growers have really liked, so that I can search them used on TractorHouse. Our situation is this...

My partner and I are tooling up to break ground on a 6-8 acre, diverse vegetable CSA in Sebastopol. We are researching tractors, and deep into the classic "one tractor conundrum". With the ability to only afford one tractor, we would like to have a versatile one. We'd like it to be able to do primary tillage, as well as has have properly spaced and thin enough tires to get it into our shaped beds to help renovate beds for second-plantings (to undercut, disc, rototill, or spade), to weed the furrows and to possibly flame-weed (if we can find a 60" tractor mounted flame weeder). We will cultivate in-row manually the first years.

Our requirements are: ~50 horsepower, 4WD, 60" center-to-center tread

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12/01/16, updated

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  |  Terra Firma Farm  |  Winters, CA commented

I swear I am not a Kubota sales rep, and I've never actually seen a 7060 up close, but the online specs say that both the front and rear wheel spacing on the 4wd model can be set at 60 inches.

This turned into a great thread with lots of farmers posting...I guess it takes tractor talk in December to get the FR forums humming.

The reason everyone likes Kubotas is because they are still built the old way, to last. Little or no electronics, no computers, simple hydraulic systems, bombproof engines, and components and parts that are easy to replace and relatively inexpensive.

12/05/16 9:41 PM, updated

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Subject: Overview & Resources from the Inaugural CA Farmer Educator & Support Services Summit

In September, UC SAREP & FarmsReach hosted the first CA Farmer Educator Summit in Sacramento. The resulting Top 15 Priority Areas, Directory of Organizations (incl. programs & regions served), Ecosystem Map (where orgs are based/served), and Ecosystem Chart (services offered in each program area) are all covered in today’s blog. It also includes details about the new list-serve for CA farm-focused organizations, collaborative fundraising strategies, and other priorities identified during the meeting.

The Summit built on momentum from the Farm Education Network (FEN) started on the Central Coast and on results from the January 2015 strategy session hosted by FarmsReach and Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture (MESA) in Pacific Grove, CA.

If your CA farmer organization hasn’t already done so, please fill out the Farm Education Network survey. UC SAREP and FarmsReach will periodically

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10/25/16, updated

Blossoms and Herbs: a "Growing" Market in the North Coast

11/08/16, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm | Santa Rosa, CA

FARMING 101 will host a panel on Growing Flowers and Herbs (medicinal and culinary): creating niche markets in the North Coast region.

Participants will learn how to grow and market locally grown flowers and herbs via local distribution methods:

  • North Bay Flower Collective, an alliance of local flower growers and floral designers
  • Sonoma County Herb Exchange, who connect local herb growers with medicine makers.

Panellists include:
Heidi Herrmann, Strong Arm Farm
Daniele Allion Strawn, JoLee Blooms
Jordan Thompson, Heidrun Meadery
BJ Avery, Sonoma County Herb Exchange

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Headline: old carports

We are looking for used carports for a ranch project in Sonoma County with or without the canvas cover.

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Headline: Berry Harvest & Farm Management Help Wanted ASAP

Le Reve Farm is a smallish berry and apple growing operation located just outside of the city of Sebastopol, CA. We are looking for help with this year's berry harvest as well as someone who is interested in working part-time on the farm management side of the operation. Experience not required but would be helpful. Harvesting is paid at a competitive piece rate and hourly work compensation based on prior experience. Harvesting take place on Monday and Thursday mornings and is expected to last though the end of October. Part-time work is year round with variable hours depending on the season. We'll consider seasonal pickers as well as those interested in seasonal and or year round employment. If interested, please email John at or cal 707-477-0536.

Contact Phone: 707-477-0536

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Headline: Two employment opportunities

Bernier Farms is an organic farm located in Healdsburg/Geyserville area of Sonoma County. We are looking for someone who sees farming as their career of choice. Someone who either has farming experience or would like to learn to be a successful farmer. We have a 10 acre farm and need an employee who will help us plant, maintain and harvest our vegetables and fruits for the 2016 farming season. This job could continue as a full time job throughout the year if desired. There is an opportunity for room and board or a place where someone could hook up their camper, if desired.

Contact Phone: 707-849-7592

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9 de Julio!  Visitemos JSM Organics en Watsonville!

07/09/16, 10:30 am - 1:00 pm | Watsonville, CA

July 9th - Visit JSM Organics in Watsonville!

At Kitchen Table Advisors, inclusion for all groups is important in our goal supporting the future of access to healthy food. Having a farm tour in Spanish, supports our spanish speaking population and weaves more of our communities together. If you know a local grocer, restaurant owner or food industry executive or expert that would benefit from learning about this dream, please support us and pass this on! We are passionate about supporting the next generation of farmers that will help connect more diverse communities to healthy food and healthy living. Thank you and gracias.


Sábado, 9 de julio
de 10:30am a la 1:00pm
Almuerzo preparado por JUSTUS Kitchen
Haz click aqui para inscribirte.

El costo de inscripción es de $40pp.**

**Este costo cubre el almuerzo
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Headline: Farmers looking for a used tractor


My name is Will Nelson and my partner, Erica Gassmann, and I are owners of The Bear & The Bee, an organic farm and apiary. We just moved to El Dorado County from New England and are in need of a tractor. The diesel fuel injector pump just died along with the clutch in the pto on our current tractor. We are looking for used 4x4 diesel tractor preferably 35 hp or more. We haven't had much luck on craigslist or with used dealerships. We are on a tight budget and short on time. Any information or leads would be much appreciated. You can call or email: 925-819-2363. Thank you.

Will and Erica

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