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Headline: Farm instructor needed

Wayside Farm School is seeking an instructor to join our team. At WFS we are as interested in team members who are committed as o the craft of farming and want to share that deep interest with others. This instructor should have knowledge of drip and overhead irrigation as well as some knowledge of integrated pest management. An interest in pollinators and their habitat is desired. In exchange for thes qualities we pay nicely and offer an excellent benefit package. If you want more information email: And check out our website at

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Headline: Farm School Instructor

Wayside Farm School seeks an instructor to teach Integrated Pest Management and Irrigation techniques. We are a program of Five Keys Schools and Programs and operate inside Pitchess Detention Center in Southern California. We currently have 11 acres of row crops, 2 acre stone fruit orchard, a five acre table grape vineyard, 3000 square feet of greenhouse space and make 40-100 cubic yards of compost every month. This is a holistic full emersion farm school program that we believe would stand up outside of a prison setting as well as at it does inside one. For more information about the program go to To apply go to For more information about the program email

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Subject: Small Grains Field Day THIS SATURDAY

Sorry for the late posting!

The California Grain Campaign is organizing a Small Grains Field Day this Saturday, Feb.11, at Open Field Farm in Petaluma.

Registrations close Wednesday, Feb. 9. Email for registration information.

A small number of California farmers have revived heritage grains in recent years. They've grown in varied climes and tried different strains. Now it's time to gather together, to learn from farmers and researchers, and to share best practices to strengthen our farms, businesses, and food shed.
The Small Grain Field Day is part of a series of workshops that will address technical aspects of grain farming specific to the California context.
The field day will cover four areas: seed selection, field cultivation, planting and monitoring -- including related equipment.
10 AM - Introductions and Open Field Farm tour
10:30 AM - Seed
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Subject: Tractor models that have worked? The classic One-Tractor dilemma

Howdy Farmers,

I am looking for specific tractor models, old or new (manufacturer, model, and year) that veggie growers have really liked, so that I can search them used on TractorHouse. Our situation is this...

My partner and I are tooling up to break ground on a 6-8 acre, diverse vegetable CSA in Sebastopol. We are researching tractors, and deep into the classic "one tractor conundrum". With the ability to only afford one tractor, we would like to have a versatile one. We'd like it to be able to do primary tillage, as well as has have properly spaced and thin enough tires to get it into our shaped beds to help renovate beds for second-plantings (to undercut, disc, rototill, or spade), to weed the furrows and to possibly flame-weed (if we can find a 60" tractor mounted flame weeder). We will cultivate in-row manually the first years.

Our requirements are: ~50 horsepower, 4WD, 60" center-to-center tread

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12/01/16, updated

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  |  Terra Firma Farm  |  Winters, CA commented

I swear I am not a Kubota sales rep, and I've never actually seen a 7060 up close, but the online specs say that both the front and rear wheel spacing on the 4wd model can be set at 60 inches.

This turned into a great thread with lots of farmers posting...I guess it takes tractor talk in December to get the FR forums humming.

The reason everyone likes Kubotas is because they are still built the old way, to last. Little or no electronics, no computers, simple hydraulic systems, bombproof engines, and components and parts that are easy to replace and relatively inexpensive.

12/05/16 9:41 PM, updated

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Subject: FSA Director Val Dolcini in Woodland This Wednesday 9/21

(tried posting this to "Events" yesterday, but don't see it now)

Come to meet and hear FSA Director Val Dolcini talk about funding and support opportunities for beginning and small farmers from FSA. He'll be accompanied by Yolo County Director Cynthia Gillette, and FSA Regional Farm Loan Manager Belle Davis.

This will be an invaluable opportunity to learn about low-interest and micro loans through FSA, as well as other programs such as crop insurance and farm storage grants available to beginning (as well as experienced) farmers.

Date & Time: Wednesday, Sep. 21. 3-5pm

Location: Norton Hall (UC Ag Extension Office), 70 Cottonwood St., Woodland 95695

Details in the flyer below:

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Meet Federal FSA Admin Val Dolcini

09/21/16, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm | Woodland, CA

(Pardon any cross-posting)

FSA Administrator Val Dolcini will discuss FSA programs supporting beginning (as well as established) farmers in a conversational setting, next Wednesday, Sep. 21, at Norton Hall (UC Woodland Ag Extension Office) from 3-5.

This will be a unique opportunity to learn more about FSA beginning farmer loans, micro loans, and other support services that FSA offers to new farmers.

What: Conversation with Val Dolcini about FSA beginning farmer support programs

When: Wednesday, 9/21, 3-5 pm

Where: Norton Hall, 70 Cottonwood St., Woodland CA

No RSVP required

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Headline: Wayside Farm School Seeks Instructor

Wayside Farm School Introduction

Wayside Farm School is an intensive, sustainable, agriculture education program operated by Five Keys Schools and Programs under contract with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. The Farm School rests west of the Castaic Hills along Castaic Creek, just north of the majestic 10,000 foot San Gabriel Mountains and the Santa Clara River. Farming on as much as 200 acres of fertile, sandy loam dotted with century old oaks, it is not uncommon to see a dozen student-workers pushing seeders, laying drip tape or forming beds with an old John Deere tractor. The program trains inmates in all aspects of sustainable farming through the hands-on operation of a diversified vegetable, fruit and herb farm. In addition, the farm raises laying chickens, grows hay and makes 40 cubic yards of compost every month out of food and landscape waste generated by the expansive facility.

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Headline: Irrigation and field management instructor

Wayside Farm School is seeking to establish a pool of candidates to teach irrigation design and installation, cover cropping and integrated pest and pathogen management with our Southern California program. Program has excellent pay and benefits. Existing curriculum available however, candidates encouraged to draw upon their own experience. Wayside Farm School operates diverside vegetable, tree fruit, herb and hay operation on more than 40 acres. Please feel free to message me with any questions or just to learn more about our program.

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Headline: Farm Assistant in Sonoma

Bi-Rite Farm in Sonoma, CA is hiring a Seasonal Farm Assistant for 2016 Season

20-40 hours/week, May - November (dates/hours flexible and dependent on season)

Pay commensurate with experience, plus produce and eggs

Bi-Rite Market is a community market with two San Francisco locations and a Creamery. We believe that food does more than nourish: food brings people together. The food we make and sell connects our staff, our guests, our producers and the environment. In this way, we “create community through food”.

Bi-Rite Farm is a three acre parcel located in Sonoma, CA, providing produce, herbs, and flowers to Bi Rite Markets and Creamery, and other local restaurants. This farm gives Bi-Rite the opportunity to educate the staff and community, by giving them a chance to get their hands in the soil. Our produce is highlighted in the deli dishes

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Subject: Raising Cornish Game Hens on Pasture

Has anyone raised cornish game hens on pasture? Would it even make sense to, knowing they short life span once 2 weeks out of the brooder? We are interested in doing this, but would like to learn of others' experience. Would you recommend free range or using a Salatin style mobile pen?


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  |  Sol Seeker Farm  |  Prunedale, CA commented

From one hatchery we bought Jumbo Cornish X Rocks day old chicks. They also sell sexed pullets Jumbo Cornish X Rocks (Cornish Game Hens) but we can't buy pullets that aren't certified organic. The recommendations here are to harvest at 2-2.5lbs live weight (which equals to 3 -4 weeks). We normally have Cornish Cross chick s in the brooder for 2 weeks and then to pasture-Salatin style mobile pens. We definitly want to keep to pasture rasied, so with limited we could just place these into a pens with regular Cornish X to save space. Good idea, thanks! As chicks do you think they are more fragile or succumb to bad weather than Cornish X chicks? Who do you use for slaughter?

Thanks for the response Caleb

03/08/16 4:13 PM

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