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Headline: Farm Instructor

Wayside Farm School is seeking an Instructor with knowledge of pollinator, beneficial insects and irrigation. Unique opportunity to build culture ariund food and farming. Great pay and benefits. Year round operation. contact Patrick Mitchell for more info at

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Subject: Farmers in San Benito County, Educators need five minutes of your time.

In San Benito County, we live one step away from Silicon Valley, the world’s hub for technology development, where high-tech workers find new ways to improve our connectivity, boost our economies, and improve our livelihoods.

Being California the state that feeds our nation, the agricultural sector is not left behind, and Silicon Valley’s innovators work hard to equip our agriculture with cutting-edge tools. However, technology by itself is not, and will not be enough to move our California’s agriculture to the next level in terms of productivity and environmental sustainability.

Even though technologies such as drones or automatized harvest machines have proved to increase our agricultural productivity, we know that adopting them is not an easy road. Not only high start-up costs, but also a lack of qualified labor with skills and knowledge on how to use these technologies effectively makes the

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Subject: Calling Farmers in San Benito County!

The Agriculture, Water, and Environmental Technologies Program (AWET) in collaboration with Farm Bureaus, the Grower-shipper Association, and the San Benito Business Council has developed the Agricultural Workforce Development Survey to best support the San Benito County’s agricultural industry.
We need the participation of owners and managers working in companies engaged in agricultural activities within the San Benito County to answer a twelve-question Survey. Your support is key for California Community Colleges to identify what are the skills and knowledge required in your company in order to develop new curriculum among our Community Colleges. We have developed four new technical programs in water and wastewater treatment with Gavilan College and we want to expand to agriculture.
Please take five minutes to support our work as Community Colleges:
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Subject: Make sure your farm or ranch is counted! - USDA Ag Census through June...

"NASS conducts a census of all agricultural operations every 5 years. We need to know about all types of agricultural operations of all sizes. Producers who are new to farming or did not receive a Census of Agriculture in 2012 still have time to receive the 2017 Census of Agriculture report form here, or by visiting and clicking ‘Make Sure You Are Counted’ through June. NASS defines a farm as any place from which $1,000 or more of agricultural products were produced and sold, or normally would have been sold, during the census year (2017)."

Press release:


WASHINGTON – America’s farmers and ranchers will soon have the opportunity to strongly represent agriculture in their communities and industry by taking part in the 2017 Census of Agriculture. Conducted every five years by the U.S.

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Headline: Northern & Central California - Two Openings (Business Advisor)

About Kitchen Table Advisors

Kitchen Table Advisors works with a diverse group of small, sustainable farms and ranches and a community of their passionate supporters to provide the business guidance, support, and knowhow needed to grow a financially viable business. We invest in the economic viability of the next generation of sustainable small farms and ranches so they can serve as the foundation of stronger and healthier regional food systems. We are a small but growing team of fun-loving, committed sustainable food and farming champions who are leveraging their connections, expertise, and talents to make a real impact on the food system. By being a part of this small nonprofit organization your contributions will shape the future of our work.

Do you have hands on experience or a natural talent for coaching, advising, and asking the right questions to help business owners figure out how to make more

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Headline: Farm instructor needed

Wayside Farm School is seeking an instructor to join our team. At WFS we are as interested in team members who are committed as o the craft of farming and want to share that deep interest with others. This instructor should have knowledge of drip and overhead irrigation as well as some knowledge of integrated pest management. An interest in pollinators and their habitat is desired. In exchange for thes qualities we pay nicely and offer an excellent benefit package. If you want more information email: And check out our website at

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Headline: Farm School Instructor

Wayside Farm School seeks an instructor to teach Integrated Pest Management and Irrigation techniques. We are a program of Five Keys Schools and Programs and operate inside Pitchess Detention Center in Southern California. We currently have 11 acres of row crops, 2 acre stone fruit orchard, a five acre table grape vineyard, 3000 square feet of greenhouse space and make 40-100 cubic yards of compost every month. This is a holistic full emersion farm school program that we believe would stand up outside of a prison setting as well as at it does inside one. For more information about the program go to To apply go to For more information about the program email

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Headline: Berry Pickers

Kokopelli Farm in the Sebastopol countryside is experiencing our largest crop of boysenberries in our 24 years of farming with organic practices. We are currently seeking people to train how to "think like a boysenberry," so we can then hire them during the early morning June and July harvest. Our pickers usually have other jobs or are taking classes, since this is not full-time work. We pick seven days a week, starting at sun-up and ending sometime in the morning. Camp-out spaces are available. Pickers can select the days they want to work. As soon as someone gets hungry, farmer Shepherd Bliss (a retired college teacher) cooks breakfast, often oatmeal, which was the usual breakfast on his family's Iowa farm. Then we sit around a rough picnic table and talk about farming and whatever. Contact Kokopelli, the trickster wounded healer/flute player, at 707-829-8185, where we take calls after 7 a.m., when we

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Contact Phone: 707-829-8185

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Subject: Agrarian Elders: Planning for Succession Workshop in Grass Valley on Wednesday, March 15th

The long-term future of local farms and ranches depends on families talking and planning together. Among 742 farmers and ranchers in Nevada County, 35% are age 65 or over, and 5.7% are under 35 years of age, according to the 2012 USDA Ag Census. Many families face questions about how to retire and sustain their farms and ranches.

California FarmLink launched the “Agrarian Elders and the Next Generation Project” to create solutions for farm and ranch families looking for retirement options, and to preserve local farm and ranch businesses.

Together California FarmLink, Nevada County Resource Conservation District (RCD, and the Nevada County Farm Bureau, present the workshop “Agrarian Elders: Planning for Succession”.

Agrarian Elders: Planning for Succession

Wednesday, March 15 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Grass Valley, location announced upon registration

Register at:

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Subject: Livestock Work/Apprentice Opportunity

Hi folks,

We have an ad up in the FarmsReach Classifieds section for a livestock worker or apprentice for the 2017 season. Not sure if it's allowable to post employment ad details here in the Conversations section, so please see Classifieds for details. Our website and contact info is at

- Sarah.

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