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Sonoma/Marin Agritourism Summit

02/16/17, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm | Petaluma, CA

Agritourism operators, tourism professionals, county, city and state staff and officials, community organizations, agricultural organizations, tour organizers and all others who are connected to California agritourism are invited to join the conversations. Presentations and discussion topics will include:

  • County regulatory updates and discussion
  • Share activity, outreach and pricing strategies
  • Plan collaborative marketing
  • Speed-dating with service providers

Agenda will be posted soon.

fee $25 - pay online or mail a check - lunch and snacks included.

Organized and sponsored by the UC Small Farm Program, UC Cooperative Extension, and collaborating partners.

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01/06/17, updated

Headline: FARM SITTER NEEDED, Bonny Doon

FlipJack Ranch is a small livestock producer in Bonny Doon, 9 miles north of Santa Cruz. We seed a person who can live at the ranch for one to two weeks in late January/February and care for turkeys, chickens, ducks, ewes, lambs and rabbits. Experience with livestock is necessary for this job. Daily feeding and animal care is about 2.5 hours, but you must be on the property 95% of the time. We will train for specific animal management and would like a trial weekend before our departure. Daily stipend, all food and lodging in one of our bed and breakfast rooms included. Resume and references please.

Contact Phone: 415-690-3894

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  |  FlipJack Ranch  |  Bonny Doon, CA commented

Please do call me anytime today...thanks!


01/03/17 9:50 AM

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Subject: Overview & Resources from the Inaugural CA Farmer Educator & Support Services Summit

In September, UC SAREP & FarmsReach hosted the first CA Farmer Educator Summit in Sacramento. The resulting Top 15 Priority Areas, Directory of Organizations (incl. programs & regions served), Ecosystem Map (where orgs are based/served), and Ecosystem Chart (services offered in each program area) are all covered in today’s blog. It also includes details about the new list-serve for CA farm-focused organizations, collaborative fundraising strategies, and other priorities identified during the meeting.

The Summit built on momentum from the Farm Education Network (FEN) started on the Central Coast and on results from the January 2015 strategy session hosted by FarmsReach and Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture (MESA) in Pacific Grove, CA.

If your CA farmer organization hasn’t already done so, please fill out the Farm Education Network survey. UC SAREP and FarmsReach will periodically

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10/25/16, updated

Subject: Field Day in Parkfield will Address Ranch-based Tourism

Members of this group may want to check out the HMI-sponsored Field Day at V6 Ranch in Parkfield, CA on September 7th. Event details here:

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Subject: Buying local relationships

Very interesting article from NY State on buying via local farm relationship,

"What we learned is that specialty ingredients—wasabi arugula, Thai basil and heirloom tomatoes, for example—aren’t as hard to find locally as one might think. As farms build relationships through farmers markets and agritourism, discovering fresh food is becoming an increasingly surmountable challenge. And when knowing the journey your food took before appearing on your plate is the prize, it’s worth the effort."

How well does this play to long term agritourism development?

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  |  SMG Consulting  |  Fairfield, CA commented

That is the guts of the real work, because it is how it happens. The real focus needs to be put knowing all the points of engagement (large task) but then prioritizing and managing the development of awareness into action to visit. To offer the product a wide range of tactical elements have to be rotated into a mix. I just saw an entity I know have a Bach performance using local chamber group to bring demand to their farm. They had linked affinity to that music genre to a piece of their desired market.

07/15/16 5:23 PM

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Subject: Agritourism - Five-Star Customer Service: webinar recording, slides, and Q&A

Hi! Below are links to the recording & presentation slides of the 5th and last webinar in the Agritourism Conversations Series: The Delivery: Five-Star Customer Experience. We welcome your other questions or tips in the CA Agritourism group as well!

Soon, we'll post additional Q&A from that session as well. Stay tuned!

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07/15/16, updated

Subject: Agritourism is Destination Tourism and Needs to be Marketed That Way

Most of us have traveled to a major destination to take in the sights, sounds and perspectives of new places. We got “pulled” there by a wide range of marketing forces knowingly or inadvertently placed out in public view. The “Pull” is the heart and soul strategy, meaning you must pull the consumer from their home and surrounding environs to come to experience the destination, be it a beach, golf course, ski resort, theme park or natural wonder attraction.

Agriculture has primarily been a push product for farmers, ranchers and retailers. The food stuffs are grown and produced at the farm region, but then “Pushed” into the market via distributors and retailers, meaning they are delivered to your marketplace for you to engage with inside the market service area of your home. These can be supermarkets, corner stores, or urban or rural farmers markets.


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  |  The price ranch  |  Los Alamos , CA commented

wonderful explanation of the "Pull" strategy. While it does take effort, today's technology such as instagram has made it significantly easier. And the technology itself, makes if easier to 'learn the trade' (just google and spend 20min reading 'how does instagram work). But, its really about the heart and soul - the feel of the dirt, the smells of the animal, the stewardship we all provide to our farms/ranch. That is what we all love, and others hunger for. We just need to learn the tools to connect.

07/13/16 7:04 PM

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Subject: Agritourism: Powerful Promotions Through Partners - webinar archive & slides

Hi! Below are links to the recording & presentation slides of the 4th webinar in the Agritourism Conversations Series: The Community: Powerful Promotions Through Partners. We welcome your other questions or tips in the CA Agritourism group as well!

Below is a summary of the questions from the Q&A section of the webinar if you want to jump to that spot in the recording:

  • 45:00 - (A bit of echo in the beginning) Which of the many partners covered in the presentations are most important to focus on to start, if you only have time to focus on a few?
  • 46:02 - Where/how can you contact small
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Subject: Agritourism: Negotiating permits & regulations archive, presentation slides and Q&A overview

Below are links to access all the useful info from the third webinar in the Agritourism Conversations Series: The Rules: Negotiating Permits & Regulations -- presentation slides, webinar recordings and a summary of the Q&A. We welcome your other questions or tips in the CA Agritourism group as well!

Below is a summary of what was covered in the Q&A section, if you want to jump to the spot in the second video recording

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06/21/16, updated

Subject: Agritourism permitting changes in your county?

Hi everyone,

Do any of you have stories or updates to share about agritourism permitting or regulatory challenges, frustrations, successes or changes in your county? Please let us know so we can compare experiences and help each other in this complicated process.

Thanks, Penny

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  |  SMG Consulting  |  Fairfield, CA commented

Sure Penny

We have a zoning issue in Suisun Valley that comes from the
General Plan update in mid 2000's and implementation today. The plan seeks agritourism via creation of 4 zoning areas and a new zoning concept/type; Agricultural Tourism Center (ATC). It is a first of it's kind in CA, created by Solano County.

The intent was commercial areas in a 20 acre AG zoning region of about 10,000 acres. 4 were established and 70 acres total were authorized with about 35 now assigned. In one of these zones a winery in Suisun Valley is opening a detached tasting room under the CA ABC Dup 02 winegrower license, conveying the rights to pour that wineries wines in a second location other than the bonded winery.

What has happened was the General Plan was approved by Solano County Board of Supervisors, but language of the intent such tasting rooms did not have to be attached to a winery in the ATC was

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06/21/16 11:49 AM

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