The Farmers Guild Network is the newest generation of farmers, ranchers, chefs, artisans and sustainable food system advocates. With a passion for feeding our local communities, we come together to share skills, knowledge and a meal after a long day in the field, pasture and milking barn. Founded by farmers for farmers, our community helps to support every scale of healthy food production by collectively striving toward the economic viability of agriculture as well as the social networks necessary to attract, cultivate and sustain a new generation ready to work the land.


What is a Farmers Guild?

A Farmers Guild is a monthly gathering of farmers, ranchers and agriculture advocates who come together to socialize, share resources, build lasting relationships, and celebrate our local food communities.

Beginning in 2011, a small group of young farmers and ranchers started getting together over dinner and drinks to talk about the daily happenings on their farms. Out of those evenings arose new friendships, opportunities and partnerships that are so often hard to find in rural areas. Not long after those initial gatherings, the group grew to over 100 people, and the meals were moved from the ranch-house kitchen table to the local Grange Hall down the road.

Less than a year later, the founders of the first Farmers Guild, with the support of FarmsReach, are now helping farmers from other regions across California start their own Guilds, building a wider network that encourages, inspires and celebrates everything we do. The Farmers Guilds are a casual yet powerful alliance of local farmers and the community, with an ultimate goal to help farmers of all experience levels be more successful.

By tying the in-person farmer meetups with the growing online FarmsReach community, each Farmers Guild can now easily connect with others within their region, among Farmers Guilds across the state, and among the broader community of farmers, nonprofit organizations, Extension advisors and service providers. . . All without leaving your farm.


Benefits of being part of a guild:


Join us!

Farmers Guilds are open to anyone with a vested interest in the newest generation working to feed us. To ensure a viable future for agriculture, we need both the experience and wisdom of older farmers, as well as the creativity, energy and strong backs of the young. The average age of the American farmer is ~60 and we need more support systems to help pass down the necessary skills, land and tools to the next generation. To secure and revitalize our food system, we rely upon every role that helps to bring dinner from the field to our tables: seed sowers, cow milkers, hay-bale luggers, farm-to-table chefs, city-slicking grocers, food policy champions on capitol hill and everyone in between. The Farmers Guild invites us all to come together and celebrate those relationships.

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Want to have a Farmers Guild in your region?

The Guild network grows because of people like you! Our mission is to help you get off to a great start. Building on our four regional Farmers Guilds, we’ll walk you through all the steps along our proven roadmap to get a new Guild up and running in your community. If you’re already organizing farmers in your community, let’s talk about how you can tap into the Guild’s network of people and resources. Email for more information.