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Holistic Seed Management with Rowen White



Saving Sacred Seeds in a Modern World

with Rowen White

Until just a few generations ago, seed stewardship was an integral part of every farm and garden. Now most people purchase seeds from off the farm to start their gardens, instead of planting culturally and regionally important heirloom seeds. This workshop is a wholistic, indigenous permaculture-based approach to seed stewardship which honors the many layers of seed culture, from practical hands-on skills to cultural context and memory, with guiding principles that are rooted in an indigenous ecology of interconnected relations. Even if you only have a small garden, you can still easily save seeds from your favorite garden vegetables.

This spring-time focused workshop will focus on the re-integration of seed saving into our farms and gardens and fundamental seed literacy for all conscious and mindful eaters, lovers of life, guardians of life, storytellers, activists, and those who carry a new vision of Earth stewardship for future generations. Rowen White, indigenous seed keeper will be sharing her experiences and teachings of basic seed saving, cleaning, and storage- using practical hands-on skills, cultural context and memory with guiding principles that are rooted in an indigenous ecology of interconnection. Learning about seeds will fundamentally change your perspective on food, and how we can work together with our beloved plants to create sustainable food and seed sovereignty that is in alignment with our values and ethics.

Join us in learning the art and science of seeds, and be empowered to be a part of the bioregional seed freedom movement, to care for seeds for future generations. This is the spring module of a 2-part workshop. In this module, we will be focusing on skill building for planning and planting a seed garden. This class is designed for anyone wanting a more heartfelt approach to seed stewardship and those wanting to deepen their connection to the plants and seed cycles…. gardeners, farmers, permaculturists, activists, teachers.

ROWEN WHITE: Rowen White is a Seed Keeper from the Mohawk community of Akwesasne and a passionate activist for seed sovereignty. She is the director and founder of the Sierra Seeds, an innovative organic seed cooperative focusing on local seed production and education, based in Nevada City CA. She teaches creative seed training immersions around the country within tribal and small farming communities. She weaves stories of seeds, food, culture and sacred Earth stewardship on her blog, Seed Songs. Follow her seed journeys at http://www.sierraseeds.org

We're offering a limited number of reduced tuition slots to active farmers ($100). Please contact our program coordinator Lee, at lee@permacultureskillscenter.org for a discount code.



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