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Hedgerow Establishment and Multiple Benefits

11/10/18, 1:00 am - 4:00 pm

Hedgerows consist of trees, shrubs and perennial forbs planted along roads, fences or field edges. They provide habitat for beneficial insects and pollinators, serve as windbreaks and visual barriers, sequester carbon and protect against soil erosion. Beneficial insects improve forage, crop growth and yield. Hedgerows can produce a crop: lavender, persimmon, nuts, flowers, etc.

Multiple Benefits of Hedgerows:

  • Farm Tour with ranch owner, Discussion
  • of Ranch Benefits and Plant Care
  • Design and Plant Selection
  • NRCS EQIP money and CDFA Healthy Soils Program grant support available for hedgerow and other practices
  • Soil improvement and carbon sequestration on working lands
  • Demonstration of planting for maximum success

Speakers: Sam Earnshaw (Hedgerows Unl.) John Warner (NRCS), Rebecca King (rancher), Sarah Lopez (rancher), Pam Krone (CMSF), Aidee Guzman (UC Berkeley)

RSVP (to save your spot): Pam Krone pam.krone@noaa.gov or 831-647-4238.



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